Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mosaic Paper Heart!

Project - Mosaic Paper Heart - This is another project from a couple of years back. Connor was only 22 months when he made this paper heart. Directions - I ripped different shades of red construction paper into pieces. I drew a large Heart on white paper. Connor used a glue stick to glue the ripped paper onto the heart shape. I remember that Connor didn't have much of an attention span for this project, but he still did a good job - I think I will try this project with him again, now that he is almost 5! Materials Needed - white paper, red, maroon, pink construction paper, red marker, glue stick


  1. This is adorable. Love it. Just stopping by from the Follow Friday. I'm already following you. Glad you joined the hop again this week.


  2. friday following ...great craft :) luv them hope to see you visit on mine soon .