Thursday, January 23, 2014


Learning Activities
Winter Number Order Fun
Skills: Math - number recognition, number order, writing numbers
Here is the link to Winter Number Order Fun

Addie putting the numbers in order
Number Fill-In the Blank Activity

Addie's completed activity- I laminated the sheets, so we can reuse them!

Mitten Number Match
Skills:  Math - counting, number recognition, matching
Addie did this activity last winter, but it was the first time for Tana!  
Here is the link to this great number matching activity!

Penguin Splash Game
Addie and I did this fun number game last year! 
Here is the link to this number recognition counting game

Snowman Glyph
Skills:  Following directions, writing, coloring pasting
Only Tana and Addie were doing this project, so we didn't do all of the activities included with this activity.
Here is the link to this Snowman Glyph

Snowball Fight Math Game
Skills:  Math - counting, 
This math game focused on counting.  Here is the link to this Snowball Fight Counting Game.

Ice-Fishing for Letters!
Skills:  letter recognition
I've had this activity for many years, I modified it to fit in with our winter theme by having Tana go ice fishing. I wrote each upper and lowercase letter on old tin-can lids.  Then we used a magnetic fishing pole to catch the letters!  

Hooray for Snow!
Cut out a snowman shape from white paper and a snowbank
Cut out an orange nose, a scarf and three buttons
Glue the pieces to the snowman and draw on a mouth with black marker
Glue the snowbank and snowman to a piece of construction paper
Use pipe cleaners to make arms and glue the arms to the snowman
Use chalk to make snowflakes

Styrofoam Snowman Heads!
Push black push-pins into a Styrofoam ball
Cut an orange pipe cleaner for a nose and push into the Styrofoam ball
Make a loop with a silver pipe cleaner and push into the top to make a hanger

Tissue Paper Mitten
Draw a mitten shape onto white paper
Cut tissue paper into squares
Glue the squares onto the mitten.  Cut out the mitten
To make the marbled paper:
squeeze white shaving cream into a pan and spread it out, add a few drops of blue food coloring into the shaving cream and swirl it around.
Press white paper onto the shaving cream mixture and scrape off the excess. Let it dry
Glue the mitten onto the marbled paper

Circular Snowman!
I traced three different sized circles onto white paper, a scarf, arms and carrot nose onto colored paper.
Directions:  Cut out the circles, arms, scarf and nose.  
Glue all the pieces onto a 5x7 piece of construction paper
Draw on eyes and a mouth.

Tin Can Snowman
Paint 3 different sized tin cans white - let dry
Glue on buttons for the face and buttons down the front.  
Add a ribbon scarf
Cut out 2 identical circles from craft foam and glue 4 corks to the centers of the circles.
Glue the foam/cork hat to the top of the snowman

Melted Snowman
Cut out a black hat, sun and nose
Type and print the following poem
I made a little snowman
with a little hat.
The sun came out and 
melted him and now my
snowman is FLAT!
Directions:  Rip a snowman face from white paper
Glue the face to a piece of construction paper.
Glue on the hat and nose and draw on the eyes and mouth
Glue the sun to the top corner
Glue the poem to the bottom corner

Framed Snowflake Sun Catcher
Cut a frame out of black construction paper
Cut a snowflake out of black paper
Cut shades of blue tissue paper into squares
Directions:  Place the frame on a piece of Contact paper
Place the snowflake in the middle of the frame
Cover with the tissue paper squares
Seal the other side with Contact paper

Cold Hands Warm Hearts
Paint hands and press onto paper
Draw a mitten shape around each hand and add a "cuff" to the mittens in a different color
Cut out a heart shape and glue the mittens in the center
Write - Cold hands Warm Hearts  on the heart

Penguins on Ice
Paint hand black and press onto white paper
Dip a Q-tip into white paint and make falling snow on colored construction paper
When dry, glue on a square of aluminum foil
Glue a white circle onto the hand and add an orange construction paper beak and googly eyes
Cut the penguin hand out and glue it to the paper.