Wednesday, February 23, 2011

F is for FIRE!

F is for FIRE!
I found this cute letter project on the site she has cute letter projects for every letter. 
Directions:  Draw an uppercase F on white paper.  Cut the letter out and glue pieces of red, orange and yellow tissue paper onto the F.  Glue the F onto black construction paper!
Materials Needed:  white paper, marker, scissors, red, orange, yellow tissue paper, black construction paper, glue

Monday, February 21, 2011

Melty the Snowman!

We had warm weather last week.   It was in the mid to high 40's all week.  As a result of the warm weather, our driveway and roads were clear!!  Then last night we got about 5 inches of snow.   This isn't a lot of snow, since my parents who live SE of us got about 15 inches!!!  Anyway, this project was appropriate for the mild weather we were having last week and will hopefully be a sign of things to come!
Melty the Snowman - I saw this project in an older issue of Family Fun Magazine. 
Directions:  Cut a puddle shape out of white felt.  Glue a cotton ball onto the felt.  Add foam eyes and mouth and buttons or draw them on with a black permanent marker.  Add  a foam orange nose.  Cut a strip of felt for a scarf.  Use twigs or pipe cleaners for arms.
Materials Needed:  white felt, brown pipe cleaners, cotton ball, black and orange foam, black permanent marker, felt, craft glue

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cardboard Tube Rain Sticks!

Project:  Cardboard Tube Rain Sticks - This is a modified version of the Mailing Tube Rain Sticks found in the June 2007 issue of Family Fun Magazine.   
Directions:  Cut Con-Tact paper so it is able to wrap all the way around a cardboard tube (the original directions call for a mailing tube, I used a paper towel tube).  Peel the backing off the Con-Tact paper.  Decorate the sticky side with pieces of tissue paper.  Wrap the paper around the tube and tuck the extra length inside the ends - cut slits around the overhang for easier folding.  Crush a piece of foil lengthwise into a long cylinder shape, then wrap it around the handle of a broom to form a coil.  Slide the coil off the handle, stretch it until it's slightly longer than the tube, then push it into the tube.  Secure the ends of the foil inside the tube with masking tape - about 1/4 inch from each opening.  Hot glue a cap to one end of the tube, (I hot-glued a circular, plastic remnant -  the mailing tubes come with plastic caps).  Pour rice and corn into the other end.  Hot-glue the other cap in place.  *** I rubber banded foil around each end for extra security, since I didn't have caps for my tube ****
Materials Needed:  Con-Tact paper, small pieces of tissue paper, mailing tube or any other cardboard tube, aluminum foil, broom, 1/2 cup of rice, 2 tablespoons of unpopped corn, hot glue

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Butterfly!

The theme today is Valentines Day!
Project:  Heart Butterfly! 
Directions:  Cut two larger hearts out of construction paper, cut smaller hearts out of construction paper.  Glue the points of each larger heart together to make a the butterfly.  Glue the smaller hearts on the butterfly!  Draw a face.  Bend a chenille stem to make the butterfly antenna's and secure with tape or glue! 
Materials Needed:  purple, red , pink construction paper, scissors, glue stick, markers, chenille stems

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stuffed Heart!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project:  Stuffed Heart!  Addie loved making the project today - she is sooooo excited for Valentine's Day.  I don't think she even knows what Valentine's Day is!!  She loves to paint, so this project was perfect for her.  After her heart was dry, she ran it upstairs and put it next to her picture on our end table.  I think she picked a perfect spot for it! 
Directions:Trace a heart onto a brown paper bag, so you cut through both sides of the bag (you want to have 2 identical shaped hearts).  Staple the edges of the heart together.  Leave an opening somewhere in the heart.  Stuff the heart with cotton balls or newspaper.  Staple the opening shut.  Paint the heart red!  Materials Needed:  paper bag, scissors, stapler, cotton balls or newspaper, red paint, paint brush

Painted, Glitter Heart!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project:  Painted, Glitter Heart!  Directions:  Place a doily heart into a pan with edges.  Squeeze red and white paint onto the heart.  Drop a golf ball into the pan and roll, shake, move the pan around to paint the heart.  Shake glitter onto the heart.  When dry, glue the heart onto construction paper and cut around the heart!  Materials Needed:  doily heart, white and red paint, glitter, construction paper, golf ball, pan with edges, scissors, glue

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Placemats!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project:  Heart Placemats -  We had to make placemats again!  The kids absolutely love making them and using them.  So here is our Valentines Day version. 

Directions:  Instead of using regular paper, we took card stock and gave it a marbled look it using shaving cream and food coloring.  Spread a 1/2 layer of shaving cream onto a shallow pan.  Squeeze food coloring onto the shaving cream (we used red and blue).  Swirl the food coloring and shaving cream together (we used plastic spoons).  Place the card stock on the swirled shaving cream and press lightly.  Remove the card stock and scrape off the shaving cream (you can use a squeegee or paper towel).  The end result is a beautiful, swirled, colored piece of paper!!  Once the paper is dry, add hearts or any other Valentine themed item!  I cut different size hearts out of fun, colorful card stock.  Finally, seal the placemat with Con-tact paper!  I forgot to add a colored matting to the back of the placemat - oh well!!!
Materials Needed:  card stock, shaving cream, food coloring, shallow pan, plastic spoons, squeegee, paper towel, colorful card stock, scissors, glue stick, Con-tact paper

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Grows Here!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project: Love Grows Here!
Directions: Cut medium size hearts out of pink construction paper - about 5-6 hearts. Cut the same size hearts out of green construction paper - 2 hearts. Cut two larger, fatter hearts out of red construction paper. Cut a strip of green construction paper for the stem of the heart flower. Glue one of the red hearts to the top end of the stem. Then add the pink hearts as petals for the flower. Glue the remaining red heart to the front, middle of the flower petals. Glue the two green hearts to the stem for the leaves. Cut a smaller pink hear to go in the center red heart and write "Love Grows Here" on it!
Materials Needed: red, pink and green construction paper, scissors, marker, glue stick