Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cardboard Gingerbread Man/Girl Ornament!

Gingerbread Ornament - Trace a gingerbread man/girl onto cardboard and cut it out.  I used my gingerbread man cookie cutter as a template.  Glue on decorations.  I used foam stickers and googly eyes.  I tied a ribbon for the neck and added a bell to the ribbon.  Draw a smile for the gingerbread man/girl. Glue a string on the backside to make into an ornament!
Materials Needed:cardboard, pencil, scissors, foam stickers, glue, googly eyes, marker, ribbon, small craft bell, any other decorations you would like to use!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rudolph Handprint Reindeer!

Project:  Rudolph Handprint Reindeer!   Cut a reindeer shaped head out of brown construction paper.  Cut an antler shape from brown construction paper.  Paint child's hands brown and press onto antler shaped paper.  (The thumbs should meet in the middle)  Draw cheeks, nose, mouth and ears on the face with brown crayon or marker.  Color the cheeks and ears pink and the nose red.  Glue a red pom-pom to the center of the nose.  Glue the antlers to the back of the head when the paint has dried. 
Materials Needed:  brown paper, scissors, brown paint, paint brush, brown crayon or marker, googly eyes, red pom-pom, pink and red crayon, glue

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Mouse!

Project:  Christmas Mouse - Cut three circles from brown paper.  Cut out three smaller circles from pink paper.  Glue the three pink circles to the middle of the brown circles.  Arrange and glue together the 3 circles to make a mouse head.  Cut a triangle hat out of red construction paper.  Glue to the mouse head.  Glue cotton balls to the hat to make the hat look like a Santa hat.  Glue on googly eyes.  Draw a nose, whiskers and mouth.  Attach yarn to the back of the mouse for a hanger. 
Materials Needed:  brown, pink, red construction paper, scissors, googly eyes, black marker, cotton balls, glue, yarn

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Peppermints!

Project:  Christmas Peppermints - Divide a small paper plate into eighths with a black marker.  Color every other section with a red crayon.  Cover the plate with clear plastic wrap.  Secure with tape on the back of the mint/plate.  Twist ends and secure with tape to make the wrapper. 
Materials Needed:  small paper plate, black marker, red crayon, clear plastic wrap, tape