Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving Fun
Circle Handprint Turkey
Cut out a larger circle from brown construction paper and a smaller circle from tan construction paper
Cut out an orange beak and feet, and a red "gobbler"
Paint a hands with different colored paint and press around the paper
Let dry and assemble the turkey - adding googly eyes
Glue the turkey in the middle of the hand prints
Cut around the turkey
Turkey Clothespin
Glue on googly eyes and an orange bead - for the beak
Place a small amount of  glue in the clothespin and stick 3-4 feather in the opening
 Paper Plate Name Turkey
Cut a brown body and an orange beak and different colored feathers -enough for each child's name
Color a small paper plate brown
Glue the body onto the plate
Glue the beak onto the turkey and draw on eyes
Glue the feathers to the back of the plate
Write your name on the feathers - 1 letter on each feather
Plastic Egg Turkey
Cut a beak and gobbler from yellow and red felt
Glue a matching color pom pom on one half of a plastic Easter egg
Glue on the felt beak, "gobbler" and eyes
On the back, glue on 4-5 feathers
Tissue Paper Turkey
Cut a paper plate in half
Cut pieces of colored tissue paper into squares
Cut a circle from brown, craft foam, a triangle and feet from orange craft foam, and a "gobbler" from read craft foam
Assemble the turkey
Glue the tissue paper squares around the edge of the 1/2 paper plate
Staple the assembled turkey to the plate
Pumpkin Pie Magnet
Trace the lid from an old soup can onto orange craft foam -make sure the lid doesn't have sharp edges.
Cut a triangle out from the orange circle.
Glue the orange craft foam to the inside of the lid
Hot glue on a tan chenille stem - this is the pie's crust
Cut a square from a white coffee filter and accordion fold it.  Glue it on top of the pie!
Attach a magnet to the back.
Learning Activities
 Counting Feathers
Skills:  Math - number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence
Cut out "turkeys" from brown construction paper and draw on eyes and beaks
Write 1 number on each turkey along with the corresponding number of dots
Cut out different colored feathers from construction paper
Glue the turkeys to construction paper (leave a gap at the top, so you are able to add feathers later)
Say the number and count out feathers to match the number.  Glue the correct amount of feathers to the matching turkey.
Turkey Feathers - Number Order
 Skills:  Math - number recognition, counting, number order
I created this activity and printed it off for Addie to complete.
I cut out the feathers for her and then she put them in order!
Gobble, CVC Word Game!
Skills:  Reading - CVC words, sight words, reading
Here is the link to this great CVC word game
The Pairs 
Thanksgiving Numbers Clip-It!
Skills:  Math - number recognition, counting
Here is the link to this cute Thanksgiving themed counting activity