Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Cookies!

I saw this recipe for turkey cookies in a Taste of Home cookbook.  I modified the recipe by using malted milk balls instead of chocolate covered cherries!
Directions:  Attach malted milk balls - or chocolate covered cherries to fudge striped cookie with frosting.  Position the other cookie perpendicular to each base (the cookie with the malted milk ball on it).  Attach candy corn to the front of each malted milk ball with chocolate frosting.

Ingredients:  fudge striped cookies, chocolate frosting, malted milk balls or chocolate covered  cherries, candy corn

Monday, November 14, 2011

Styrofoam Ball Turkey!

Styrofoam Ball Turkey - Paint  2 different size Styrofoam balls brown and let them dry.  Attach the Styrofoam balls together with a toothpick.  Glue on orange, foam feet.  Glue on 2 googly eyes.  Cut 1/4 inch pieces from orange and red chenille stems.  Stick the orange piece into the top, painted ball for a beak.  Stick the red piece just above and to the side of the beak.  Poke different colored feathers into the bottom, painted ball for the turkey's feathers.
Materials Needed:  brown paint, paint brush, 2 different size Styrofoam balls, toothpick, orange craft foam, glue, googly eyes, red and orange chenille stems, feathers

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cardboard Tube Turkey!

Cardboard Tube Turkey -   Cut a cardboard tube into a 6-7 inch section - I used the tube from clear plastic wrap.  Cut orange feet from orange craft foam.  Apply layer of glue to the bottom of the cardboard tube and press onto the orange feet.  Cut a beak shape from the orange craft foam.  Glue onto the tube.  Cut a 1 inch piece from a chenille stem and bend into an upside down L.  Glue the chenille stem onto the tube, so it sits around the beak.  Glue on two googly eyes.  Put a layer of glue on the top, inside of the cardboard tube and glue colored feathers in place. 
Materials Needed:  cardboard tube, scissors, orange craft foam, red chenille stem, googly eyes, feathers, glue