Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Projects

Happy Father's Day!
Father's Day Projects
Best Dad Hands Down
Create a document and print
2013 in top right corner and best dad in top left corner
Hands down centered on the bottom
Paint both hands and press onto the paper - hands down!

Dad Rocks!
Brainstorm words that describe DAD!
Type and print the words out
Cut each word into an oval shape
find appropriate sized rocks
Mod Podge the words onto rocks
Place them in a basket and give to DAD!

Fishing You a Happy Father's Day!
Cut out a fish shape
Tear colored construction paper into pieces and glue onto the fish. 
Glue the fish to a folded piece of blue construction paper.
Write, Dad - Fishing you a Happy Father's Day
Draw a line and hook.
Father's Day 2013 Questionnaire
I created my own questionnaire based off of one I saw
Addie's answers about her dad!
My favorite answer - My favorite thing about my Dad is . . . he drinks beer.
Oh the things children say!
Tana's answers about her dad!
My favorite answer(s)  - Daddy always tells me . . . to go in a time out.
and It makes my Dad happy when . . . me not naughty.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Butterfly Fun!

Butterfly Fun
Butterfly Projects
Footprint Butterflies
Paint feet with water color paint
Press onto white paper
Let dry and draw the body and antenna with marker
 * I accidently had the blue butterflies flipped the wrong way when I was drawing the bodies and antenna on each of them.  They are upside down - oops!*
Folded Painted Butterflies
Draw a butterfly onto white paper and cut it out
Paint one half of the butterfly
Fold the butterfly in half and press together
Unfold and let dry

Snack Bag Butterflies
Glue pom pom's onto a clothespin
Fill a baggie 3/4 full with some sort of snacks
Divide the filled baggie in half and wrap it with a pipe cleaner
Pinch the clothespin around the pipe cleaner and the filled baggie
Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to make antenna

Cardboard Tube Butterflies
Cover a cardboard tube with decorative paper
Cut wings out of decorative paper and tape to the back of the tube
Glue on googly eyes
Glue pipe cleaner antenna to the inside, front of the cardboard tube.
Sugar Cookie Butterflies
 We divided the dough into 4 balls and added a different color of food coloring to each ball.  We mixed each ball and then combined the 4 balls to make one large ball of dough.  The girls helped me roll out the dough.  They took turns pressing the butterfly cookie cutter into the colorful dough!
Butterfly Learning Activities
Butterfly Patterns
Cut out different colored butterflies from construction paper
Make your own butterfly patterns - glue on to a piece of construction paper
Big, Bigger, Biggest Butterflies
I printed 3 different size butterflies
Addie colored each butterfly and cut each one out
She glued the words big, bigger and biggest to the bottom of purple construction paper
She glued the corresponding butterfly above it's matching word
Butterfly Life Cycle Book and Wheel
Here is the link to this Butterfly Life Cycle Wheel and Book
Butterfly Matching - File Folder Game