Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Letter Aa

 I am teaching Addie the alphabet, so we started with the letter A - since her name starts with A!  I printed off block upper and lowercase A's from the dltk-kids website.  I then printed off apple shapes and cut the apples out.  Addie glued the apples onto the upper and lower case A's.  I cut around the A's and glued them to a piece of red construction paper.

Addie made an Acorn Man for one of her letter A activities.  I traced the template pieces onto brown paper and cut them out.  Addie glued the Acorn man together on yellow paper.

I printed this awesome apple template out and let Addie color it.  I helped her with some of it.  She then glued the awesome apple to a piece of red paper.  (We modified the apple a little bit).  I wrote Addie's Apple Man on the top of the paper and had Addie circle the upper and lowercase A's.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Painted Leaves!

Painted Leaves:  Trace a leaf shape onto yellow paper.  Scrunch up paper towel and dip one end into orange paint.  Press paint covered paper towel onto yellow paper.  Let dry.  Cut leaf out.  Glue onto green construction paper and cut around leaf leaving a border around the painted leaf. 
Materials Needed:  yellow and green construction paper, orange paint, paper towel, scissors, glue

Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Sun Catchers!

Apple Sun Catchers:  Cut an apple shape out of clear Con-Tact paper.  Make sure to cut out 2 identical apples.  Remove the backing from one of the apples.  Tear small pieces of red or green tissue paper and press onto the sticky side of the Con-Tact paper.  When finished seal with other half of apple.  Cut a small, brown, rectangle for brown construction paper and attach to the apple.  Hang in the window.
Materials Needed:  Con-Tact paper, red or green tissue paper, scissors, brown paper

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rock Leaf Print

Rock Leaf Print:  Find a medium to large size flat rock.  Clean and let dry.  Paint a leaf either orange, red or yellow.  Press the leaf onto the rock.  Let dry.  Seal with spray sealer. 
Materials Needed:  rock, paint, paint brush, leaf, Polyurethane Sealer