Friday, October 26, 2012

Witch Faces!

I had green, dessert plates left-over from a birthday party.  I thought they would be perfect to use for witch faces.  We used a lot of our scrap, sparkly foam left overs.  The eyes are actually the adhesive, foam, letter O's!  The noses are scrap, sparkly, green, adhesive, craft foam pieces.  I punched three holes on the side of each plate and pushed pipe cleaners through the holes and twisted them to make hair.  Addie and Tana picked out the hair and hat colors for this fun project! 
Materials Needed:  green, paper, dessert plate, craft foam in various colors, pipe cleaners, and hole punch

Monday, October 22, 2012

Small, Ghost Windsock!

Addie cut and pasted a ghost face onto a small 5x7piece of white paper.  On the back side of paper Addie glued on strips of Crepe paper.  Next, we rolled the piece of paper to form a ghost cylinder.  I helped Addie secure the edges with tape.  We also added white yarn for hanging!
Materials Needed:  white paper, glue, black paper, scissors, crepe paper, yarn, tape

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cardboard Tube Jack-O-Lanterns!

Paint a cardboard tube orange.  Once it is dry glue on button eyes and nose.  Stick on craft foam mouth.  We used Sparkly letter U's!  Punch two holes in the top of the tube and push a green pipe cleaner through the holes.  Twist the pipe cleaner to form the stem. 
Materials Needed:  cardboard tube, orange paint, paintbrush, buttons, craft foam, glue, hole punch, green pipe cleaner

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paper Plate Ghost

Addie and her ghost!
Paper Plate Ghost! 
Cut out two medium size circles from black construction paper and one medium oval from black construction paper.  Glue the circles and oval to the back of a paper plate to make a ghost face.  Glue white streamers, cut into 12 inch lengths to the bottom of the plate.  Cut hands/arms for the ghost from white paper or white craft foam and secure the plate with either glue or staples.  Add a piece of ribbon for hanging!  Material Needed:  paper plate, black construction paper, scissors, glue, white streamers, white paper or white craft foam, stapler, ribbon

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mini - Styrofoam Ghost

Paint a mini pot white.  Let it dry.  Glue a white Styrofoam ball to the bottom of the painted pot.  Draw eyes and mouth on the Styrofoam ball with a black permanent marker.  Cut wings/arms out of white foam and hot glue to the painted plant. 
Materials Needed:  white paint, Styrofoam ball, black permanent marker, white craft foam, scissors, mini pot, hot glue or craft glue