Friday, June 24, 2011

Cleo the Crab!

This idea comes from the June/July 2007 Kindergarten/1st grade issue of The Mailbox Magazine

Project/Learning Activity:  Cleo the Crab.  Cut a crab out of red construction paper - start with a semi-circle then two sets of legs, and two claws.  Glue the crab to the top of a piece of paper.  Brainstorm ideas the the crab can hold with his claws.  Connor chose a flashlight and Ty chose a fork. Make the item out of construction paper and glue it in the crab's claw.  Develop a sentence from the item and write the sentence below the crab.  Materials Needed:  red construction paper, scissors, glue stick, white paper, pencil, construction paper

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do you see under the sea?

Project/Learning Activity:  This project is from the June/July 2007 Kindergarten/1st grade Mailbox Magazine   Cut a wave out of blue construction paper.  Color the top half of a piece of paper with blue crayon and glue the wave to the bottom half. Add sea/ocean stickers to the wave.  Write - What Do You See Under the Sea? over the blue crayon.  Brainstorm things you see under the sea and write one of the ideas under the wave.  Finally, draw the idea under the sentence.  Materials Needed:  blue construction paper, white construction paper, crayons, ocean/sea stickers, pencil, black marker, glue stick, scissors

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lantern Fish!

We are doing an under-the-sea unit this week.  Today, we made lantern fish.  This project comes from the The Mailbox Magazine June/July 2007 Kindergarten-1st grade. 
Project:  Lantern Fish - Cut a fish shape out of blue construction paper.  Dip a cotton ball into white paint and press onto the fish multiple times.  Dip the end of a cotton swab into yellow paint and swirl it in the middle of the white paint spots to make lanterns.
Materials Needed:  blue construction paper, white and yellow paint, cotton swabs, cotton balls, scissors

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Name Flowers!

Learning Activity/Project:  Name Flowers - Cut circles  and petals from construction paper.  Cut a stem and leaves from green construction paper.  Write name on circle.  Write words on each petal that begin with the same letter as your name.  Glue together to make a name flower.
Materials Needed:  construction paper, scissors, glue stick, marker

Friday, June 10, 2011

Symmetrical Butterfly!

Project:  Symmetrical Butterfly!  Cut a butterfly shape out of white paper and fold in half.  Paint one half of the butterfly with paint. Fold the butterfly in half and press the two halves together.  Unfold and let dry!
Materials Needed:  white paper, paint, paint brush, scissors

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterfly Book!

Connor is done with Kindergarten and excited for summer vacation.  Today was his first day home with us - he was able to sleep in and do projects with us again!!
Project:  Butterfly Book!  (Source:  The Mailbox Magazine  - Kindergarten-Grade 1, April/May 2007)
In advance make a supply of white butterfly-shaped pages.  Make a colored butterfly-shaped  cover for the books.  Cut out a butterfly shaped body and two antennae out of black paper. 
1. Brainstorm adjectives to describe butterflies. 
2.  Give each child a page and have him create a butterfly illustration. 
3.  Help him complete the following prompt -  _____________'s butterfly is _______________.
4.  Bind the book or books together and title the book and decorate the front cover.

*You can make one book or individual books for each child. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ABC Book!

Ty has been making this ABC book for the last couple of months.  Every time he mastered a new letter of the alphabet we added a page to his ABC book.  We finished the book up today, and I am glad to say that Ty now knows all of his uppercase letters!!
ABC Book:  Cut 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper in half.  Write each letter on the top of the half sheets of paper. (Aa if for . . . .    Bb is for . . . .   and so on)  Cut pictures out of magazines, draw pictures or print pictures of different items to correspond with the sound of each letter.  (A - apple, airplane.  B - ball, basket, bread and so on)  You can add a cover to the book once all of the pages are complete. 

Materials Needed:  paper, markers, magazines