Monday, January 19, 2015

Snowmen and the letter G!

Snowmen and the Letter G!
Letter Gg
G is for Grapes

g is for glitter

 Snowman Projects
Snowflake Snowman
Cut a snowflake from white paper and a smaller white circle for the head.  Glue on the hat and broom and draw on the facial features and arms. Print off a snowman poem.

Soup Can Lid Snowman
Paint 3 soup can lids white.  Glue on buttons and nose.  Draw on facial features.  Hot glue the lids together and hot glue on a looped ribbon for hanging.  Tie on ribbon for the scarf.

Coffee Filter Snowman
Glue 3 coffee filters to a piece paper.  Glue on arms, black hats and buttons.  Draw on facial features.

Snowman Learning Activities
Snowman Let's Spy a Letter
Skills:  letter identification

Snowman Patterns
Skills:  Patterns
Here is the link for these fun snowman patterns

Snowmen - Order by Size
Skills:  ordering, size
Here is the link for this Snowman Cut and Paste Activity

Shape Snowmen
Skills:  shapes, cutting, pasting

Skills:  counting, numbers, following directions
Here is the link for Roll-a-Snowman

Snowman Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, pasting
Here is the link for Snowman Scissor Practice

Snowman Letter Matching
Skills:  letter identification, matching, grouping

Monday, January 12, 2015

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos and the letter I

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos 
and the letter I
The Letter Ii
I is for Icicle

i is for igloo

Cut icicle shapes from light blue and white paper and tin foil.  Glue the icicles onto a half sheet of blue construction paper.

Hand Print Ice Cream Cone
Cut a triangle from brown construction paper.  Glue the triangle onto a piece of construction paper.  Paint 1 hand pink and press on to the top part of the triangle (the cone).  Paint white onto the top of the hand print and sprinkle glitter!

Cut and Paste Igloo
With chalk, draw an igloo shape.  Glue on square pieces of white paper.  

Learning Activities
Snowflake Patterns
Skills:  patterns, counting

Winter Wonderland Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, fine motor
Here is the link for the fine motor activities found below - Winter Trace and Cut

Winter Wonderland Tracing
Skills:  fine motor, tracing

Winter Wonderland Number Tracing
Skills: number writing

Winter Line-Up  - Following Directions and Ordinal words
Skills:  following directions, counting, coloring, ordinal words
Here is the link for the  Positional and Ordinal Words Activities below.

Snow Day Line Up - Following Directions and Positional Words
Skills:  following directions, cutting, positional words

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Fun and the letter N!

Christmas Fun and the Letter N!
Letter N
N is for Nest

n is for noodles

 Christmas Projects
Thumbprint Candy Cane
Press thumbs into red and white paint and press the painted thumbs onto black paper in the shape of a candy cane.  When dry add a red bow!

Hand Print Baby Jesus Scene
Paint one hand brown and press onto blue paper.  When dry, press cover thumb with tan paint and press onto the brown hand print.  Paint one finger with tan paint and press it above the thumbprint to make baby Jesus.  Cut out a star and color yellow.  Cut raffia into pieces and glue under baby Jesus.  Glue the star above the manger scene. 

Paper Plate Santa
Cut 1/4 off the top of a paper plate.  Color or paint the inside circle tan or flesh color.  Cut out a red, circle nose and white mustache.  Glue on googly eyes.  Cut out a red triangle and long, skinny white rectangle and a white circle.  Assemble the hat and glue to the paper plate.  Cut out a larger, red triangle, white rectangle, black, rectangle and yellow belt buckle.  Assemble the pieces to make Santa's suit.  

Bow Tie Pasta Wreath
Dye bow tie pasta green - in a small baggie, add a small amount of vinegar and green food coloring (we added some green glitter).  Shake until coated and then dump out on paper towel to dry.  
When dry assemble, the pasta into a wreath and glue the pasta into pieces.  Add a bow!

Cardboard Tube Poinsettia
Cut a cardboard tube into 5 1/2 inch pieces.  Paint red.  When dry, cover with glue and glitter.  Let dry then glue a white or silver bead to the middle of the poinsettia.  Punch a hole and add a green ribbon for hanging.

Christmas Learning Activities
Gingerbread Cut and Paste Shape Matching
Skills:  shapes, matching
Here is the link for the Gingerbread Shape Matching

Tree Sorting
Skills:  sorting, matching
Here is the link for the Tree Sort and Match

Christmas Mix-and-Match Puzzles
Skills:  matching, sorting
Here is the link for this fun Mix-and-Match Puzzle

Christmas Tree Counting Book
Skills:  counting, number recognition, emergent readers
Here is the link for this Christmas Tree Counting emergent reader

Christmas Name Tree
Skills:  name recognition, counting letters

Santa Can . . .
Skills:  writing
Here is the link for this Santa Can writing activity

Christmas Light Color Match
Skills:  sorting, matching, colors

Christmas Ornament Letter Match
Skills: letter recognitionletter matching, cutting, pasting
Here is the link for the Christmas Ornament Letter Match

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The letter E and Elf Fun!

The Letter E and Elf Fun!
The Letter E
E is for Elf

e is for egg

Elf Projects
Elf Legs!
Cut out two red strips from construction paper.  Cut out the same size strips from green construction paper and cut apart.  Cut out two elf shoes.  Glue the cut, green strips to the long red strips - to make the legs.  Glue on the shoes.  Glue the finished legs onto another piece of different colored construction paper.

Hand Print Elf
Paint a fingers green (not the thumb).  Paint he rest of the hand flesh color (again do not paint the thumb).  Press painted hand onto white paper.  Paint 1 thumb flesh color and press on sides to make the ears.  When dry add googly eyes, draw on a mouth and glue on a pom pom or sequin!  

Paper Plate Elf
Paint a paper plate flesh color.  Cut out accessories from green and red construction paper.  Cut ears from flesh colored construction paper, and nose from pink construction paper.  Assemble the elf when the paint is dry.  Draw on eyes, and mouth.  

Elf Learning Activities
K-1 Activities
(Addie was home sick one day this week, so I put her to work!)
Elf Sentences
Skills:  reading, writing, making sentences
Here is the link for this fun  Elf writing activity

Santa the Elf Sentence
Skills:  sentence order, writing sentences
Here is the link for Santa Cut and Paste Sentence

Elf Spy, Read and Write
Skills:  cvc words, reading, writing
Here is the link for Spy Read Write

Colorful Christmas Lights
Skills:  color word, reading, coloring
Here is the link for Christmas Lights Color Words

Elf Learning Activities
Preschool Age
All of the following Elf Activities come from and her Elf on the Shelf Pre-K and K learning packet.  Here is the link Elf on the Shelf Learning Packet

Color the Elf
Skills: coloring, color recognition, counting

What Comes Next?
Skills:  patterns, cutting, pasting, matching

Christmas Counting
Skills:  number recognition, counting

Elf Prewriting Practice
Skills:  prewriting, tracing, pencil grip

Elf - Find the letter Ee
Skills: letter recognition

Which Elf is Different?
Skills:  different/same

Elf and Toys Sorting
Skills:  sorting, cutting

Elf Cutting Practice
Skills:  scissor practice

Elf Size Sorting
Skills:  sorting, sizes, cutting practice, following directions

Christmas Beginning Sounds
Skills:  beginning sounds

Letter Mitten Matching
Skills:  letter recognition, matching, cutting
Here is the link for Letter Mitten Matching