Monday, September 22, 2014

The Letter A and Apple Fun!

The Letter A
A is for apple

a is for apple

A is for alligator

Apple Projects
Look What's Inside an Apple
I typed and printed up the heading and the poem:
Sing to the tune:  I’m a Little Teapot
I’m a little apple, short and round. I make a munchy, crunchy sound.
If you bite into me you will see – I’m delicious as can be!
Cut out an apple shape.  Dip finger into red paint and press around the outside edge of the apple.  Color the stem brown and leaf green.  Press finger onto a black ink pad and press onto the center of the apple to make seeds.
I found this cute poem and project here!

Hand Print Apple Tree
Paint 1 hand green and press the painted hand onto white paper three times.  Paint a brown tree trunk.  When dry glue on red construction paper apples.  Add a stem and leaf to each apple.

Apple Hand Print Poem
Cut out a red apple and brown stem.  Glue the apple and stem to a piece of white paper.
Type and print out the poem:
This little apple that you just see
Was made for you just from me.
You'll never see one like it in all this land,
Because for a leaf I used my own little hand!
Paint one hand green and press onto the red apple
I found this cute poem and project here!  I changed the poem just a little bit to suit our needs.

Apple Learning Activities
A is for Apple Letter Writing
I cut out an apple shape from red paper and added a leaf stem and white lined paper.  I had Tana practice writing her uppercase and lowercase A's

My Apple Book
I created this book to work on number recognition 1-5 and counting.

Seed Counting
I cut out apple shapes and glued them to a piece of construction paper.  I put the numbers 2-5 on the stem's of each apple.  
Tana read each number and used a black ink pad to make the same amount of seeds on the each apple. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Letter Bb!

The Letter Bb
We worked all week on the letter Bb - with recognition and sound!  I think Joey and Keely really know the letter B!!  This letter was a review for Tana, but she still had fun!
B is for boat

B is for bee

b is for baseball

B is for bunny

B is for bird

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fun Projects for the 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
Hand Print Flag
Paint one hand with red, white and blue paint and press it onto construction paper.  Let dry - add stars

Painted/Glitter Stars
Cut out a star shape and paint with red, white and blue paint - sprinkle with glitter.

 Patriotic Rocks
Paint rocks with red, white and blue paint

 Painted Q-tip Fireworks
Cut Q-tips in half, paint the ends.  When dry, glue onto black paper in the shape of fireworks

Friday, June 6, 2014

Caterpillars and Butterflies!

Caterpillars and Butterflies
Projects and Learning Activities
Caterpillar Patterns
I cut out circles from two different colors of construction paper.
Tana and Joey made the AB pattern and glued the circles onto a half sheet of paper to make the caterpillar.  We added facial features and feet to finish the project.

Plastic Egg Caterpillar
Here is another fun pattern activity.  
I separated plastic Easter eggs (2 colors for each child).
We strung two pipe cleaners through the holes in the plastic eggs.  I secured the ends by twisting the pipe cleaners.  Tana and Joey worked hard to make their AB patterns.  We glued on googly eyes and bent the pipe cleaner to make the caterpillar's antenna.
We used 9 full plastic eggs for each caterpillar.  The end egg is a full egg. the rest of the caterpillar is made from plastic egg halves.

Hand Print Butterfly
Cut out a body for the butterfly from black construction paper.
Glue on googly eyes and pipe cleaner antenna.
Paint both hands red and press onto yellow paper.
Repeat with blue paint.  
When the hand prints are dry, cut around the prints and glue the hand prints to the back of the body to make the butterfly's wings.

Clothespin and Tulle Butterfly
Paint a clothespin - any color
Let dry and then decorate with markers, more paint or foam stickers!
Cut any color tulle to fit for the wings. I had leftover pink tulle that was already cut into smaller pieces!
Cut a pipe cleaner into a 5 inch piece.  Fold it in half.
Open the clothespin and place the tulle inside.  Do the same with the pipe cleaner.

Band Aid Butterflies
Use a square piece of gauze and press a colorful band aid over it to make a butterfly.  Draw on the antenna for each butterfly!
Keely's Project

Tana and Joey!

Butterfly Life Cycle
I cut out leaf shapes from green paper
Explain the butterfly life cycle
Glue 4 leaves to a strip of construction paper.
On the first leaf glue on a small bean for the egg
On the 2nd leaf glue on a spiral noodle for the caterpillar
On the 3rd leaf glue on a piece of shell pasta for the chrysalis
on the 4th leaf glue on bow-tie pasta for the butterfly.
I also printed off labels to glue on to each leaf!

Butterfly Name and Numbers
Skills:  number order, number recognition
name recognition, letter recognition
I cut out butterfly shapes from construction paper
I wrote the numbers 1-5 for Tana and Joey's name for Joey!
They glued their butterfly cut-outs to their strips of paper.

Paper Chain Caterpillar
Skills:  patterns, colors
Cut strips of colored paper 
Link the strips together in a pattern to make a Caterpillar!
Cut skinny strips for the antenna and draw on facial features

Butterfly Matching - File Folder Game
This is one of my File Folder games.  I've shown it on my blog a couple of times.  This is a great matching activity!!
Here is the original link to this Beautiful Butterflies Matching Activity

Hand Print and Name Butterflies
Paint both hands with two different colors
Press both hands onto a piece of construction paper.  You can overlap the thumbs
When dry, draw on the butterfly body and write the child's name!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!
Paper Flowers
Here is the link to this cute Flower Project.  It has templates and very detailed directions!

Magazine Flowers!
I saw this recycled flower project in the May 2009 issue of Parents Magazine.  
Here is the link for Flowers for Mommy  This project uses magazines, chenille stems and buttons!

I'm Your Little Flower Mom
Trace hand on green paper
Cut a vase shape out of colored construction paper
Glue hand and vase onto paper
Decorate the fingertips with foam flowers or flower stickers
Glue on the following poem:
I’m your Little Flower MOM
Different from the Rest.
Help me GROW each day
To be my very BEST!

I love my mom because . . . 
Paint hand green 
Press onto white paper
Cut out a vase shape and write:
I love Mommy because . . . 
Dip fingertip into colored paint and press onto the five fingertips of the hand print

Coffee Filter Flowers
Paint a white coffee filter with watercolor paint
Let dry and then wrap a chenille stem around the filter to make a stem

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Earth Day

Earth Day
Earth Man!
Cut a blue circle out of construction paper
Cut out green shapes 
Cut out a red heart
Cut 4 green strips and accordion fold each strip
Directions:  Glue the green shapes and heart onto the blue circle
Glue on googly eyes and draw a smile
Glue on the arms and legs

Hand Print Earth
Cut out a blue circle
Paint a hand green and press onto the circle, paint on other green shapes to make the earth!

Painted Earth
Cut a circle out of white paper
Paint the circle - earth- blue and green

Earth Day!
Create a document just like below.
Cut squares of green and blue tissue paper
Glue the tissue paper squares onto the blank circle to make earth

Earth Day Tracing
I created a Word Document for my almost 3 year old nephew to work on his tracing skills.  We also did a little counting and name writing!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Learning Activities
Easter Bunny Name Writing
Skills:  Name writing, letter recognition
I traced and cut out Easter Bunny Heads from pink and yellow construction paper.
I drew on the facial features
Joey and Tana glued the cut-outs to a strip of construction paper.
Tana wrote her own name and Joey spelled his name while I wrote it!

Do The Bunny Hop
A CVC Word Game
Skills:  reading, cvc words
Here is the link for Do the Bunny Hop!

Easter Egg Number Match
Skills:  number recognition, counting, number order
We did this activity last year too!  This year Tana joined in on the activity.  We have been working on number recognition 1-5 with her.  I had Addie match up the rest of the numbers 6-12.
I labeled the top half of each egg with a number (1-12) and the bottom half with dots (1-12)
A Match
More matching
Then they put the completed eggs in number order 1-12

 Easter Bunny Countdown Chain
Addie wanted to make a countdown to Easter.  We decided on doing a paper chain countdown.  There are 18 more days until Easter so we needed 18 strips of paper.
Directions:  Cut out 1 inch strips of white paper
Make the strips into loops and staple them to make a countdown chain.
On the top loop, glue on ears and draw a bunny face!

Easter Chick Stamping with Wine Corks
Press a wine cork into yellow paint.
Press the paint covered cork onto white paper
Use a toothpick to draw on the wings/feathers
When dry, draw on the feet, beak and eyes!
Keely using the cork to stamp out her Easter Chicks!

Easter Egg Bunnies!
I saw this cute project in Parents Magazine.  Here is the link for this cute Easter Bunny project.
The Front of the Bunnies!
The Backsides!

Fingerprint Sheep
Cut out a head and feet from black construction paper.  
Tie a bow from ribbon
Directions:  Glue the head and feet to a 5x7 piece of construction paper.
Dip your pointer finger into white paint and press your painted finger all around the sheep's head.  Glue on googly eyes and the bow.

Hand print Carrots
Cut an orange triangle from construction paper.
Cut squares of orange tissue paper
Paint both hands green and press hands onto green paper, making three hand prints.
Directions:  Glue orange tissue squares onto the triangle.
Cut around the hand prints and glue the hand prints to make the stem for the carrot.

Footprint Bunnies
Trace both feet onto colored construction paper.
Cut out the footprints and glue them onto construction paper.  Overlap the heels.
Glue on googly eyes, button nose and chenille stem whiskers.  

Footprint Carrot and Bunny
Paint 1 foot orange and the other foot pink or blue or whatever color!
Press both feet onto white paper - make sure the orange foot is placed toes up.
When dry add the details

Fingerprint Bunnies
Cut a circle from white paper
Tie a bow with yarn or ribbon
Directions:  Glue the circle onto construction paper.
Glue on googly eyes, a button nose and the ribbon.
Cover a fingertip with white paint and press it onto the paper to make two bunny ears.
Draw on whiskers and a mouth