Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun and the Letter D!

Thanksgiving Fun and the Letter D
The Letter D
D is for drums

D is for dinosaur

D is for Duck 
Cut out a green construction paper circle and a yellow triangle (beak)
Paint on hand brown.  When dry glue on head, beak, googly eye and yellow feather.
Write D is for Duck!

Thanksgiving Projects
Finger Print Indian Corn
Cut out two corn shapes from white paper
Cut a length of raffia and hole punch the tops of the corn shapes.
Press fingers into orange, yellow and brown paint and press painted fingers onto the paper
When dry string the raffia through the holes and make a bow

Turkey Hand Print Poem
Paint one hand brown and the fingers different colors to make a turkey.  Press the hand onto the bottom space of the paper.  Draw on legs, eyes and beak!

Pumpkin Pie - I am Thankful
Cut out a white and brown circle.  Scallop the edges of the brown circle.  Cut out an orange smaller circle.  Glue the orange circle on top of the brown circle to assemble the pie.  Cut out a "triangle" piece of the pie and glue it on top of the white circle.  Write I am thankful for on the orange circle.  Write what you are thankful for on the white triangle !

I Spy Thanksgiving
I found this cute I Spy printable here!  I laminated ours, so we can reuse it every year.

Paper Plate Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Learning Activities
Pilgrim Hat Name
Skills:  counting letters in your name, name identification
I cut out and assembled Pilgrim Hats.  Keely counted the letters in her name.  Then she found each letter in her name and glued the foam letters to each Pilgrim hat!

Turkey Scissor Practice
Skills:  scissor practice
Here is the link to this Turkey Scissor Practice Printable
The finished products!

Thanksgiving Friends Scissor Practice/Puzzle
Skills:  scissor practice, gluing, matching
This cute activity comes from the same source/link as the Turkey Scissor Practice printable!

Thanksgiving Name Writing/Identification
Skills:  name writing, name identification
This printable can be found along with the Scissor Practice printable above
Tana (age 4) worked on writing her name, Keely (age 2) worked on name identification and spelling

The Letter a Search
Skills: letter a identification, counting
Here is the link to this Thanksgiving Letter Aa activity.

Describe That Turkey Sentence Writing
Skills:  reading, sentence building, word order, writing
My Kindergartner and 4th grade are on vacation this week, so I kept them busy with fun Thanksgiving Activities - My Kindergartner did this one! Here is the link to Describe That Turkey
All of her choices                                    The finished sentence
The finished Sentence and Picture

Turkey Shape Graph
Skills:  shapes, coloring, graphing, coloring
My Kindergartner completed this - I have to keep her busy!!
Here is the link to this Turkey Shape Graph

Turkey Number Cards - Count It and Clip It!
Skills:  Counting, number recognition
My 2 almost 3 year old did this activity.  She had fun counting the cute turkeys and then clipping the correct numbers with the clothespins!  Here is the link to these fun Turkey Number Cards
Clipping the matching number
The Clipped Number Cards

Making 10 - Addition!
Skills:  addition, making 10, fact families
Here is another activity my 6 year old did this week!  Here is the link to this cute Making 10 Turkey

Turkey Addition
Skills: addition
I'm keeping my kindergartner busy - she had fun finding the sums and following the code to color the cute, Thanksgiving turkey!
This cute coloring addition activity is in the same packet (link) as the Making 10 Turkey above!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Letter T and Turkey!

The Letter T and Turkey
The Letter T
T is for turkey

T is for Tree

 Turkey Projects
Watercolor Hand Print Turkey
Cut out a Turkey body from brown paper along with an orange beak and feet and red "gobbler".  Paint both hands with watercolor paint and press onto white paper.  When dry cut around the hand prints and glue them to the assembled turkey.  Make sure you add googly eyes!!

Turkey Hand Print Jar
Trace 1 hand onto white paper.  Cut out a beak from orange craft foam.  Cut a red pipe cleaner for the "gobbler".  
Directions:  Glue on the facial features.   Color the traced hand print.  Cut out the hand print and glue onto the back of the glass jar.  Add Reeses Pieces Candy!

Bottle Cap Turkey Magnets
Cut out 4 craft foam feathers in different colors.  Cut out legs and a beak from orange craft foam and the "gobbler" from red craft foam.
Directions:  Glue the 4 feathers and the feet to the back of the bottle cap.  Glue on 2 eyes, a beak and the "gobbler"  When dry add a magnet to the back of the bottle cap.

Packing Peanuts Turkey
Cut a turkey shape from brown paper along with an orange beak and red "gobbler."  
Directions:  Glue the turkey to a piece of paper.  Glue on the facial features.  Draw on eyes.  
Color packing peanuts.  Glue on the colored packing peanuts for the feathers.  Arrange the "feathers" in a pattern!

Foot Print Feather Turkey
Paint 1 foot brown.  When dry glue on craft feathers.  Add googly eyes and draw on a beak.

Turkey Learning Activities
Shape Turkeys
Skills:  Shape Identifications, counting

Turkey Upper and Lowercase Letter Match
Skills:  letter identification, letter matching
Here is the link to the ABC Thanksgiving Turkey Worksheet

Five Little Turkey Emergent Readers
Skills:  counting, early reading
Here is the link for this Turkey Emergent Reader

Thanksgiving Matching and Counting Feathers
Skills: matching, counting 
Here is the link to these Thanksgiving activities 

Turkey Name Writing
Skills:  name writing, counting letters in your name
Here is the link for these cute turkey cards

Turkey PreWriting Practice
Skills:  prewriting, tracing

Upper and Lowercase Turkey Letter Match
Skills:  upper and lowercase letter recognition

Turkey Coloring
Skills:  coloring, color ID
Here is the link for the 3 above activities

Turkey Size Sorting
Skills:  sorting, size sequencing
Here is the link for the Size Sorting Activity