Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Day Fun and the letter H and the letter L!

Valentines Day Fun and
Letters H and L!
The Letter Hh
H is for hearts!

h is for hands

The letter Ll
L is for Ladybug

l is for lion

l is for Lego!

Valentines Day Projects
Cupcake Liner Heart Flower

Heart Shaped Elephants

Heart Shaped Tissue Paper Sun Catchers
I used my laminator for this project but you could use Con-Tact Paper and tissue paper.  

Heart Shaped Frogs

I love you Hand and Footprints
The poem says:  I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.

Paper Heart Flowers

What do you Love?
Here is the link for What do you Love?

 Be Mine Heart Hand Print

I Love You To Pieces
Here is the link for I love you to pieces!

Heart Shaped Ladybug

Learning Projects
Caterpillar Heart Name!
Skill:  names, letter recognition, counting letters in your name

Heart Sizes
Skills:  size order, gluing, counting

Things I Love Book
Skills:  writing, thinking skills

H is for Heart - Find It
Skills:  letter recognition

Learning Activities
 Candy Heart Colors
Skills:  coloring, color recognition
Here is the link for Candy Heart Colors

Cupid's Missing Lowercase Letters
Skills:  lowercase letters, writing letters, letter recognition
Here is the link for Cupid's Missing Letters

Heart Tracing
Skills:  tracing, fine motor
Here is the link for Heart Tracing

Valentine Shapes
Skills:  Shape identification and recognition, colors, coloring
Here is the link for Valentine Shapes

Candy Heart Count and Sort
Skills:  Colors, sorting, counting, 

Letter L Stamping
Skills:  letter recognition

Heart Letter Matching
Skills:  letter recognition, upper and lowercase letter matching
Here is the link for Heart Letter Matching

I Heart Patterns
Skills:  patterns, coloring
Here is the link for Heart Patterns