Friday, December 20, 2013


Christmas Crafts
Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments
Paint thumb brown
Press painted thumb onto a small ball ornament
Let dry, add antlers and eyes with permanent marker
Use glue to make a nose and sprinkle red glitter to make Rudolph!

Craft Stick Sled Ornaments
Lay out 5 craft sticks side by side in the shape of a sled
Hot glue 2 more craft sticks across the laid-out craft sticks to create supports
For the slid runners, lay an craft stick on its thin edge so it rests on the supports. 
Hot glue it into place.  Repeat with the last craft stick
Decorate the sled
Attach a chenille stem to the sled for hanging

The bottom of the sled

Reindeer Cookies
Ingredients:  Nutter Butter Cookies, pretzels, chocolate chips red M&M's, frosting
Break pretzels to make the antlers
Use frosting to stick on the antlers, eyes and nose

Addie and the Reindeer Cookies for her 4K snack!

Beaded Wreath Ornaments
String green beads onto a red pipe cleaner - we used a sparkly red pipe cleaner!
Form into a circle and twist shut
Form a bow with the pipe cleaner ends

Hand and Foot Print Santa's Sleigh
Paint a foot with green paint
Press onto the top corner of a piece of white paper
Paint a hand brown and press on the paper 3 times.
Let dry and draw on the details!

Handprint Snowmen Ornament
Paint hand and press onto a colored glass ball
Let dry and draw on faces, hats and arms!

Pom-Pom Wreath
Glue pom-poms onto a circle shaped piece of tag board
Glue on a red bow.

Extra Large Gingerbread People!
I cut 2 gingerbread figures from large pieces of the brown, packing paper from my
Online Christmas Packages!
I then gave the 2 girls a bunch of supplies and let them go crazy! 
I actually think they were pretty tame with their decorating - but I did have to scrub my floor when they were finished. :)


Christmas Tree Math
Skills: math, addition, number writing, counting
I created a document with blank Christmas Trees and easy word problems. 
The word problems involved adding two different colors of balls to each tree and then writing the total on the line. 
Addie writing the total sum

Her completed Christmas Tree Math Sheet

Our Little Pine Tree
Decorate a foam tree with beads, sequins, gems . . .
Type and print the following poem:
Here’s our little pine tree,
Tall and straight
Let’s find the things
So we can decorate.
First we want to put
A star on top!

Then we must be careful
The balls don’t drop.
Hang on all the tinsel
Shiny and bright
Put on the canes
And hook them just right.
Finally put some presents
For you and for me.
And we'll be ready
With our Christmas tree.

Glue the completed tree and the printed poem to a piece of red construction paper

My Little Reindeer
Print a picture of your child
Cut around the picture and glue it to a piece of construction paper
Paint both hands brown and press them onto the paper to make antlers
Add glue to the nose and sprinkle with red glitter
Add bows and names to complete

Christmas Cutting Practice Sheets 
Skillscutting, pasting, matching
Cut the trees on the dotted lines
Match the trees and glue them to a piece of paper
Here is the link to the Christmas Theme Cut It Out Pack


Pasting and Matching

The Finished Product

 Candy Cane Rudolph
Cut a candy cane shape out of white paper
Cut red strips
Trace hands on brown construction paper - cut the hands out
Directions: Glue red stripes to the candy cane
Glue the candy cane to a piece of construction paper
Glue the hands/antlers to the candy cane
Glue on a googly eye and a glitter nose