Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter and the Letter Ff!

Winter and the Letter Ff!
The letter Ff
f is for flower

F is for Feathers

Winter Projects
Mitten Hand Print
Cut a mitten from colored construction paper.  Add a cuff to the mitten using a different paper color.  Press painted hand onto the mitten.  Write your name on the cuff!

Hat Sun Catchers
Trace a winter hat template onto black construction paper. You will need two hat templates for each child.  Cut out the hat along the outside lines and inside lines.  Glue squares of tissue paper into the hat.  Glue or place the other hat template on top and laminate.  I placed the hats onto my open laminating pouch and glued the tissue paper squares on to it that way.  Then I closed the laminating pouch and laminated it.  You can also use Con-Tact paper - which is already sticky.  

Mitten Sun Catchers

Winter Watercolor Crayon Resist Paintings
With white crayon draw a picture, words . . . onto white card stock.  Paint over your crayon drawings with watercolor paint.

Learning Projects
Snowflake Mittens
Skills:  counting, number order, number recognition
Cut out 5 mittens and write the numbers 1-5 on them.  Cut out a strip of construction paper.
Directions:  place the mittens in number order.  With craft foam snowflakes, place the correct amount of snowflakes on each mitten.  

Mitten Sizes
Skills:  cutting, coloring, gluing, size order, counting
Here is the link for these mitten patterns  
Directions:  color the mittens.  Cut the mittens out.  Glue the mittens from smallest to largest on a strip of paper.  
I wrote this on the strip of paper - 1 mitten, 2 mittens, 3 mittens, 4!  Small mittens, large mittens, mittens Galore! 

Snowman Sequencing
Skills:  cutting, pasting, sequencing
Directions:  cut each snowman square out.  Glue the squares in a sequence from start 1st to last.
Here is the link for Snowman Sequencing

My Mitten is Big Enough to Fit
Here is the link for My Mitten is Big Enough to Fit
Skills:  drawing, sentences, coloring

Winter Learning Activities
Winter Patterns
Skills:  patterns, cutting, pasting
Here is the link for What Comes Next?

Mitten Letter Matching
A-H and I-R
Skills:  letter recognition, letter matching, cutting, pasting
Here is the link for Mitten letter Matching A-H

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match
Skills:  letter recognition, letter matching
Here is the link for Upper and Lowercase Letter Match

Penguin Number Match 1-5
Skills:  number recognition, counting, matching
Here is the link for Number Match 1-5

Winter Number Practice 1-6 Cut and Paste
Skills:  number recognition, number matching, counting, cutting, pasting
Here is the link for 1-6 Cut and Paste

Winter Mitten Shape Match
Skills:  shape identification, colors, coloring, counting, beginning graphing
Here is the link for Winter Shape Match

Mitten Color Words
Skills:  color recognition, coloring
Here is the link for Mitten Color Words

Monday, January 19, 2015

Snowmen and the letter G!

Snowmen and the Letter G!
Letter Gg
G is for Grapes

g is for glitter

 Snowman Projects
Snowflake Snowman
Cut a snowflake from white paper and a smaller white circle for the head.  Glue on the hat and broom and draw on the facial features and arms. Print off a snowman poem.

Soup Can Lid Snowman
Paint 3 soup can lids white.  Glue on buttons and nose.  Draw on facial features.  Hot glue the lids together and hot glue on a looped ribbon for hanging.  Tie on ribbon for the scarf.

Coffee Filter Snowman
Glue 3 coffee filters to a piece paper.  Glue on arms, black hats and buttons.  Draw on facial features.

Snowman Learning Activities
Snowman Let's Spy a Letter
Skills:  letter identification

Snowman Patterns
Skills:  Patterns
Here is the link for these fun snowman patterns

Snowmen - Order by Size
Skills:  ordering, size
Here is the link for this Snowman Cut and Paste Activity

Shape Snowmen
Skills:  shapes, cutting, pasting

Skills:  counting, numbers, following directions
Here is the link for Roll-a-Snowman

Snowman Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, pasting
Here is the link for Snowman Scissor Practice

Snowman Letter Matching
Skills:  letter identification, matching, grouping

Monday, January 12, 2015

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos and the letter I

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos 
and the letter I
The Letter Ii
I is for Icicle

i is for igloo

Cut icicle shapes from light blue and white paper and tin foil.  Glue the icicles onto a half sheet of blue construction paper.

Hand Print Ice Cream Cone
Cut a triangle from brown construction paper.  Glue the triangle onto a piece of construction paper.  Paint 1 hand pink and press on to the top part of the triangle (the cone).  Paint white onto the top of the hand print and sprinkle glitter!

Cut and Paste Igloo
With chalk, draw an igloo shape.  Glue on square pieces of white paper.  

Learning Activities
Snowflake Patterns
Skills:  patterns, counting

Winter Wonderland Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, fine motor
Here is the link for the fine motor activities found below - Winter Trace and Cut

Winter Wonderland Tracing
Skills:  fine motor, tracing

Winter Wonderland Number Tracing
Skills: number writing

Winter Line-Up  - Following Directions and Ordinal words
Skills:  following directions, counting, coloring, ordinal words
Here is the link for the  Positional and Ordinal Words Activities below.

Snow Day Line Up - Following Directions and Positional Words
Skills:  following directions, cutting, positional words