Monday, January 12, 2015

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos and the letter I

Icicles, Ice Cream, Igloos 
and the letter I
The Letter Ii
I is for Icicle

i is for igloo

Cut icicle shapes from light blue and white paper and tin foil.  Glue the icicles onto a half sheet of blue construction paper.

Hand Print Ice Cream Cone
Cut a triangle from brown construction paper.  Glue the triangle onto a piece of construction paper.  Paint 1 hand pink and press on to the top part of the triangle (the cone).  Paint white onto the top of the hand print and sprinkle glitter!

Cut and Paste Igloo
With chalk, draw an igloo shape.  Glue on square pieces of white paper.  

Learning Activities
Snowflake Patterns
Skills:  patterns, counting

Winter Wonderland Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, fine motor
Here is the link for the fine motor activities found below - Winter Trace and Cut

Winter Wonderland Tracing
Skills:  fine motor, tracing

Winter Wonderland Number Tracing
Skills: number writing

Winter Line-Up  - Following Directions and Ordinal words
Skills:  following directions, counting, coloring, ordinal words
Here is the link for the  Positional and Ordinal Words Activities below.

Snow Day Line Up - Following Directions and Positional Words
Skills:  following directions, cutting, positional words

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