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Christmas Fun and the letter N!

Christmas Fun and the Letter N!
Letter N
N is for Nest

n is for noodles

 Christmas Projects
Thumbprint Candy Cane
Press thumbs into red and white paint and press the painted thumbs onto black paper in the shape of a candy cane.  When dry add a red bow!

Hand Print Baby Jesus Scene
Paint one hand brown and press onto blue paper.  When dry, press cover thumb with tan paint and press onto the brown hand print.  Paint one finger with tan paint and press it above the thumbprint to make baby Jesus.  Cut out a star and color yellow.  Cut raffia into pieces and glue under baby Jesus.  Glue the star above the manger scene. 

Paper Plate Santa
Cut 1/4 off the top of a paper plate.  Color or paint the inside circle tan or flesh color.  Cut out a red, circle nose and white mustache.  Glue on googly eyes.  Cut out a red triangle and long, skinny white rectangle and a white circle.  Assemble the hat and glue to the paper plate.  Cut out a larger, red triangle, white rectangle, black, rectangle and yellow belt buckle.  Assemble the pieces to make Santa's suit.  

Bow Tie Pasta Wreath
Dye bow tie pasta green - in a small baggie, add a small amount of vinegar and green food coloring (we added some green glitter).  Shake until coated and then dump out on paper towel to dry.  
When dry assemble, the pasta into a wreath and glue the pasta into pieces.  Add a bow!

Cardboard Tube Poinsettia
Cut a cardboard tube into 5 1/2 inch pieces.  Paint red.  When dry, cover with glue and glitter.  Let dry then glue a white or silver bead to the middle of the poinsettia.  Punch a hole and add a green ribbon for hanging.

Christmas Learning Activities
Gingerbread Cut and Paste Shape Matching
Skills:  shapes, matching
Here is the link for the Gingerbread Shape Matching

Tree Sorting
Skills:  sorting, matching
Here is the link for the Tree Sort and Match

Christmas Mix-and-Match Puzzles
Skills:  matching, sorting
Here is the link for this fun Mix-and-Match Puzzle

Christmas Tree Counting Book
Skills:  counting, number recognition, emergent readers
Here is the link for this Christmas Tree Counting emergent reader

Christmas Name Tree
Skills:  name recognition, counting letters

Santa Can . . .
Skills:  writing
Here is the link for this Santa Can writing activity

Christmas Light Color Match
Skills:  sorting, matching, colors

Christmas Ornament Letter Match
Skills: letter recognitionletter matching, cutting, pasting
Here is the link for the Christmas Ornament Letter Match

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