Thursday, December 11, 2014

The letter R and Reindeer Fun!

The Letter R and Reindeer Fun!
The Letter R
R is for Reindeer

r is for rainbow

Reindeer Projects
Clothespin Reindeer
Cut a craft stick in half. Paint 3 clothespins brown and the one half of a craft stick brown.
When dry, assemble the clothespins to make reindeer.
Glue on two googly eyes and a red nose.

Shape and Hand Print Reindeer
Cut out a triangle from brown construction paper.  Trace hands onto brown paper.  Cut out red, circle nose, two white, oval eyes and two, black semi-circle eyes.  Assemble the reindeer!

Cardboard Tube Reindeer
Cut out a red circle nose.  Cut a chenille stem into pieces and assemble.  Glue on the red nose, googly eyes & antlers

Paper Plate Reindeer
Color a paper plate brown.  Assemble the antlers.  Cut out two brown ears from craft foam. Draw on two eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks, add a red, glitter nose.

Reindeer Learning Activities
Reindeer, Reindeer What Do You See?  Emergent Reader
Skills:  reading, coloring
Here is the link for this Reindeer Emergent Reader

Reindeer Number Match and Thumbprint Count
Skills:  number recognition, counting, matching
I made these fun counting activities .  They had to match the number to the matching amount of reindeer.  Then they pressed their ink covered thumbs onto the paper to make the corresponding number of thumbprint reindeer!

All of the following activities come from the Preschool Reindeer Pack from  Here is the link for these fun, reindeer themed activities.  Preschool Reindeer Pack
Cutting Strip Practice
Skills:  cutting

The Many Colors of Rudolph!
Skills:  coloring, cutting, pasting, color recognition

R is For Reindeer Letter Maze
Skills:  letter R, letter recognition, following directions

Reindeer Prewriting Practice
Skills:  prewriting

Find the Same
Skills:  same and different

Christmas Matching
Skills:  matching

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