Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin prints!

Ty's Pumpkin Prints!
The theme this week is Fall!
Project: Pumpkin Prints - Press the end of a cardboard tube into orange paint to make prints on white paper (the pumpkins). Paint green or brown stems on each pumpkin. Paint vines using green paint. Source: The Mailbox Magazine October/November 2010
Materials Needed: white paper, cardboard tube, orange, green/brown paint, paint brush

Monday, September 27, 2010

Glitter Leaves!

The theme this week is Fall!
Project: Glitter Leaves: Directions: Trace or draw leaf shapes onto fall colored paper. Mix generous amounts of glitter with white corn syrup. Crumple each leaf and flatten (optional). Brush the corn syrup mixture onto the leaves and let dry - this takes a while. When dry glue the leaves onto black paper. Source: The Mailbox Magazine
Materials Needed: fall colored paper, glitter, corn syrup, pencil, scissors, paint brush, black construction paper, glue

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wagon Wheel Handprint Fall Tree!

The theme this week is the color brown.
Project: Wagon Wheel Handprint Fall Tree - I traced Ty's forearm and hand onto white cardstock. He colored his hand and forearm print brown. Then he glued multi-colored wagon wheel pasta onto the tree with craft glue. Materials Needed: cardstock, brown crayon, multi-colored wagon wheel pasta, craft glue

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Handprint Raccoon!

The theme this week is the color brown.
Project: Handprint Raccoon - The original idea for this craft is a raccoon puppet, but I didn't have any brown paper lunch sacks, so we just adapted the craft instead. I saw this idea in the October/November 2009 issue of The Mailbox Magazine
Directions: Trace each hand on black construction paper and trace a shoe print on brown construction paper. Cut out the tracings. Cut a front panel of a brown paper bag to size and glue it onto construction paper. Glue the hand and shoe print (the tail) cut outs to the paper bag. Then cut out simple eye, nose, and paw cutouts - I used black and brown construction paper. Glue the eyes, nose and paws onto the raccoon. Finally, draw stripes on the shoe cutout and other details on the raccoon.
Materials Needed: construction paper, black and brown construction paper, brown paper bag, scissors, glue stick, pencil, crayons/markers

Monday, September 20, 2010

Paper Bag Owl!

The theme this week is the color brown.
Project: Paper Bag Owl- Directions: I painted Ty's hands with brown paint and pressed his hands onto white paper. When the prints were dry, I cut the handprints out. Next, I trimmed a panel from a brown lunch bag and Ty glued it to a yellow piece of construction paper. Then, Ty attached yellow, sticky, foam hearts for eyes. He added black pupils on each eye with black marker. Then he glued orange, foam triangles for a beak and feet. Finally, he glued his painted handprints as wings for the owl. Materials Needed: yellow construction paper, brown paint, paint brush, white paper, scissors, brown lunch bag, yellow foam, orange foam, black marker, glue stick ***Source: The Mailbox Magazine October/November 2009***

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paper Plate Sun!

The theme this week is the color yellow!
Project: Paper Plate Sun - Ty(4) and Addie(2) painted these paper plate suns!
I cut triangle's around the edge of each plate to make the suns rays. Then Ty and Addie painted the cut paper plates yellow. After they were dry, Ty and Addie glued on googly eyes and they each drew a mouth and a nose! Very simple and cute! Materials Needed: paper plate, scissors, yellow paint, paint brush, googly eyes, glue, black marker

Monday, September 13, 2010

Handprint Sunflower!

The theme this week is the color yellow!
Project - Handprint Sunflower. Paint your child's hand yellow and press on white paper 4 times in a circular pattern ( you will have to re-paint the hand a couple of times). Draw a stem on green construction paper and have child cut it out. Glue the stem onto the white paper. Cut small black triangle out of black construction paper. Have child press the small triangle onto center of wet handprints (these will act as the seeds for the sunflower). Materials Needed: white paper, yellow paint, paint brush, black construction paper, green construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue stick

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handprint Caterpillar!

Addie's unfinshed caterpillar (she needs to draw a face!) Ty's caterpillar
The theme this week is the color green!
Project: Handprint Caterpillar - Trace hand on light green and dark green paper. Make two handprints for each color. Trace and cut a circle on light green paper for the caterpillar's head. Glue the 4 handprints in line, right next to each other - fingers down. Glue the head beside the handprints so it resembles a caterpillar head. Attach rectangular scraps to the head for antennae. Draw eyes, nose mouth and any other details. Source: The Mailbox Magazine Preschool October/November 2009. Materials Needed: construction paper, dark and light green construction paper, glue stick, scissors, pencil, crayons or markers

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cardboard Tube Apple!

The theme this week is the color red!
Project: Cardboard Tube Apple. I saw this on the blog Directions: Cut a cardboard tube into sections. Cut another section of the tube as a stem for the apple. Paint the sectioned cardboard tube red and the stem green. Attach the stem either with glue or by cutting a slot in the top and inserting it in the slot. Materials Needed: cardboard tube, red, green paint, glue and or scissors, paintbrush