Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handprint Caterpillar!

Addie's unfinshed caterpillar (she needs to draw a face!) Ty's caterpillar
The theme this week is the color green!
Project: Handprint Caterpillar - Trace hand on light green and dark green paper. Make two handprints for each color. Trace and cut a circle on light green paper for the caterpillar's head. Glue the 4 handprints in line, right next to each other - fingers down. Glue the head beside the handprints so it resembles a caterpillar head. Attach rectangular scraps to the head for antennae. Draw eyes, nose mouth and any other details. Source: The Mailbox Magazine Preschool October/November 2009. Materials Needed: construction paper, dark and light green construction paper, glue stick, scissors, pencil, crayons or markers

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