Monday, September 13, 2010

Handprint Sunflower!

The theme this week is the color yellow!
Project - Handprint Sunflower. Paint your child's hand yellow and press on white paper 4 times in a circular pattern ( you will have to re-paint the hand a couple of times). Draw a stem on green construction paper and have child cut it out. Glue the stem onto the white paper. Cut small black triangle out of black construction paper. Have child press the small triangle onto center of wet handprints (these will act as the seeds for the sunflower). Materials Needed: white paper, yellow paint, paint brush, black construction paper, green construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue stick


  1. Love adorable! I love handprint and footprint art, they make great keepsakes!

  2. When I was at Michaels they have a handprint goldfish. So cute... the palm is facing to the left, with the fingers to the right as the fins.

    Just add eyes and bubbles!

  3. I love this craft. It is so cute!