Monday, September 27, 2010

Glitter Leaves!

The theme this week is Fall!
Project: Glitter Leaves: Directions: Trace or draw leaf shapes onto fall colored paper. Mix generous amounts of glitter with white corn syrup. Crumple each leaf and flatten (optional). Brush the corn syrup mixture onto the leaves and let dry - this takes a while. When dry glue the leaves onto black paper. Source: The Mailbox Magazine
Materials Needed: fall colored paper, glitter, corn syrup, pencil, scissors, paint brush, black construction paper, glue


  1. Oh my gosh this is such a great idea, I am for sure going to be doing this with my girls this weekend, thanks so much

  2. I LOVE this idea! Another one to add to our list LOL!

    What is the mailbox thingy? Is it an email newsletter of website? I'd love to know more...Thanks!