Monday, January 19, 2015

Snowmen and the letter G!

Snowmen and the Letter G!
Letter Gg
G is for Grapes

g is for glitter

 Snowman Projects
Snowflake Snowman
Cut a snowflake from white paper and a smaller white circle for the head.  Glue on the hat and broom and draw on the facial features and arms. Print off a snowman poem.

Soup Can Lid Snowman
Paint 3 soup can lids white.  Glue on buttons and nose.  Draw on facial features.  Hot glue the lids together and hot glue on a looped ribbon for hanging.  Tie on ribbon for the scarf.

Coffee Filter Snowman
Glue 3 coffee filters to a piece paper.  Glue on arms, black hats and buttons.  Draw on facial features.

Snowman Learning Activities
Snowman Let's Spy a Letter
Skills:  letter identification

Snowman Patterns
Skills:  Patterns
Here is the link for these fun snowman patterns

Snowmen - Order by Size
Skills:  ordering, size
Here is the link for this Snowman Cut and Paste Activity

Shape Snowmen
Skills:  shapes, cutting, pasting

Skills:  counting, numbers, following directions
Here is the link for Roll-a-Snowman

Snowman Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting, pasting
Here is the link for Snowman Scissor Practice

Snowman Letter Matching
Skills:  letter identification, matching, grouping

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