Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterfly Book!

Connor is done with Kindergarten and excited for summer vacation.  Today was his first day home with us - he was able to sleep in and do projects with us again!!
Project:  Butterfly Book!  (Source:  The Mailbox Magazine  - Kindergarten-Grade 1, April/May 2007)
In advance make a supply of white butterfly-shaped pages.  Make a colored butterfly-shaped  cover for the books.  Cut out a butterfly shaped body and two antennae out of black paper. 
1. Brainstorm adjectives to describe butterflies. 
2.  Give each child a page and have him create a butterfly illustration. 
3.  Help him complete the following prompt -  _____________'s butterfly is _______________.
4.  Bind the book or books together and title the book and decorate the front cover.

*You can make one book or individual books for each child. 

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