Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Letter Aa

 I am teaching Addie the alphabet, so we started with the letter A - since her name starts with A!  I printed off block upper and lowercase A's from the dltk-kids website.  I then printed off apple shapes and cut the apples out.  Addie glued the apples onto the upper and lower case A's.  I cut around the A's and glued them to a piece of red construction paper.

Addie made an Acorn Man for one of her letter A activities.  I traced the template pieces onto brown paper and cut them out.  Addie glued the Acorn man together on yellow paper.

I printed this awesome apple template out and let Addie color it.  I helped her with some of it.  She then glued the awesome apple to a piece of red paper.  (We modified the apple a little bit).  I wrote Addie's Apple Man on the top of the paper and had Addie circle the upper and lowercase A's.

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  1. What a fun way to learn the letters--I'm sure Addie loves all of these projects:)