Monday, November 7, 2011

Cardboard Tube Turkey!

Cardboard Tube Turkey -   Cut a cardboard tube into a 6-7 inch section - I used the tube from clear plastic wrap.  Cut orange feet from orange craft foam.  Apply layer of glue to the bottom of the cardboard tube and press onto the orange feet.  Cut a beak shape from the orange craft foam.  Glue onto the tube.  Cut a 1 inch piece from a chenille stem and bend into an upside down L.  Glue the chenille stem onto the tube, so it sits around the beak.  Glue on two googly eyes.  Put a layer of glue on the top, inside of the cardboard tube and glue colored feathers in place. 
Materials Needed:  cardboard tube, scissors, orange craft foam, red chenille stem, googly eyes, feathers, glue

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