Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Grows Here!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project: Love Grows Here!
Directions: Cut medium size hearts out of pink construction paper - about 5-6 hearts. Cut the same size hearts out of green construction paper - 2 hearts. Cut two larger, fatter hearts out of red construction paper. Cut a strip of green construction paper for the stem of the heart flower. Glue one of the red hearts to the top end of the stem. Then add the pink hearts as petals for the flower. Glue the remaining red heart to the front, middle of the flower petals. Glue the two green hearts to the stem for the leaves. Cut a smaller pink hear to go in the center red heart and write "Love Grows Here" on it!
Materials Needed: red, pink and green construction paper, scissors, marker, glue stick


  1. Hey! I like your new blog design:) Very bright and colorful!