Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cardboard Tube Rain Sticks!

Project:  Cardboard Tube Rain Sticks - This is a modified version of the Mailing Tube Rain Sticks found in the June 2007 issue of Family Fun Magazine.   
Directions:  Cut Con-Tact paper so it is able to wrap all the way around a cardboard tube (the original directions call for a mailing tube, I used a paper towel tube).  Peel the backing off the Con-Tact paper.  Decorate the sticky side with pieces of tissue paper.  Wrap the paper around the tube and tuck the extra length inside the ends - cut slits around the overhang for easier folding.  Crush a piece of foil lengthwise into a long cylinder shape, then wrap it around the handle of a broom to form a coil.  Slide the coil off the handle, stretch it until it's slightly longer than the tube, then push it into the tube.  Secure the ends of the foil inside the tube with masking tape - about 1/4 inch from each opening.  Hot glue a cap to one end of the tube, (I hot-glued a circular, plastic remnant -  the mailing tubes come with plastic caps).  Pour rice and corn into the other end.  Hot-glue the other cap in place.  *** I rubber banded foil around each end for extra security, since I didn't have caps for my tube ****
Materials Needed:  Con-Tact paper, small pieces of tissue paper, mailing tube or any other cardboard tube, aluminum foil, broom, 1/2 cup of rice, 2 tablespoons of unpopped corn, hot glue

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