Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Placemats!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project:  Heart Placemats -  We had to make placemats again!  The kids absolutely love making them and using them.  So here is our Valentines Day version. 

Directions:  Instead of using regular paper, we took card stock and gave it a marbled look it using shaving cream and food coloring.  Spread a 1/2 layer of shaving cream onto a shallow pan.  Squeeze food coloring onto the shaving cream (we used red and blue).  Swirl the food coloring and shaving cream together (we used plastic spoons).  Place the card stock on the swirled shaving cream and press lightly.  Remove the card stock and scrape off the shaving cream (you can use a squeegee or paper towel).  The end result is a beautiful, swirled, colored piece of paper!!  Once the paper is dry, add hearts or any other Valentine themed item!  I cut different size hearts out of fun, colorful card stock.  Finally, seal the placemat with Con-tact paper!  I forgot to add a colored matting to the back of the placemat - oh well!!!
Materials Needed:  card stock, shaving cream, food coloring, shallow pan, plastic spoons, squeegee, paper towel, colorful card stock, scissors, glue stick, Con-tact paper

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