Monday, January 31, 2011

Heart Man!

The theme this week is Valentines Day!
Project: Heart Man
Directions: Cut a large heart out of construction paper (any color) Cut 4 small hearts out of a different color construction paper. Cut 4 strips of paper out of construction paper - these will be the arms and legs - I used the same color for each arm and a different color for the legs. Glue the arms and legs to the heart body. Use the smaller hearts as eyes, nose and mouth and glue them to the large heart to make a face.
Materials Needed: pink, purple or red construction paper, scissors, glue stick, markers (optional)


  1. Good idea! They turned out very nice :)

  2. TOO cute!! They would be great to give as class valentines!

  3. I love your Valentine projects--they always turn out so cute! I have Connors's hanging on my door from 3 years ago...:)