Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Sun Catcher

Addie's Sun Catcher
The theme this week is Winter!

Project: Winter Sun Catcher. We made these last year, but I had to make them again with Addie and Ty. You can check out Connor and Lauren's sun catchers from last year under Winter Sun Catchers II or They turned our great last year and this year. I found the idea for the project in the February 2007 issue of Family Fun Magazine.
Directions: Place rectangular bread pan on a flat surface. Cut an orange into rounds and arrange the round and small pine branches in the pan and add enough water to cover them. Add berries - I used Craisins this year and blueberries last year. For the hanging cords, lay one end of each piece of sturdy twine or rope in the pan, submerging it at least several inches. Let the pan freeze outside or in the freezer. Remove the ice block from the pan - running warm water on the back if needed - and hang outside.