Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mutts About You!

Project - Mutts About You - Connor's preschool class is having it's Valentines Day on Friday, so we decided to make Valentines, instead of buying them! I took out all of the ideas I have been saving over the last 4 years and Connor chose this cute dog idea from the February 2006 issue of Family Fun Magazine. So, we gathered our materials and got to work. Materials Needed - white or beige card stock, brown card stock, red foam sticky hearts, googly eyes, scissors, glue stick, candy, tape
Directions -
1.Cut a large heart from white or beige card stock (I traced a very large heart cookie cutter - about 4 1/2 inches wide). Cut 2 smaller, longer heart-shaped ears from brown card stock.
2.Glue the ears and googly eyes and stick the red foam heart nose to the large heart (the magazine calls to cut a red heart out of card stock, but the sticky foam heart is easier).
3.Tape a piece of candy (we used skittles, the magazine used Kit Kat) to the back of the heart so one end sticks out below the mouth like a tongue. (I rounded the edges of the candy a little bit. You can also add a message and names to the ears of the back of the heart - I am not sure what we will be writing just yet!


  1. K- I didn't know what you had this. You have been doing it for a long time. I wish you took care of our kids. You seem to do a lot of great things!

    You can check out my blog too. I have one for school but my kids pop up in it sometimes too.

  2. What a great idea to let Connor choose the activity. I like the way the candy is used to form the tongue.

    You are my "sole" mate Valentine's are so very sweet.

  3. how about "mutts about you"? thanks for stopping by tlopl!

  4. I am thinking we will write "Mutts about you" on the ears! Thanks!

  5. I wish I had Valentine's to send out to people. These are a great idea! BTW, I got the card Connor and Addie made for me. It's so cute :) Thanks!!!

  6. The cards we sent out to all of you were simple (and easy to put together) plus Addie had a hand in making them!