Monday, February 22, 2010

Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship!

Day 1 of the week - The theme this week is Outer Space. The letters of the week are 0, P, p the number of the week is 13.
Project - Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship- I always save my paper towel cardboard tubes, just in case I need one for a craft. I knew that we could make a really cool rocket out of a tube, but I wanted to find easy to follow, kid-friendly directions. I found the perfect step-by-step directions on The directions are very easy to follow, and they even give step-by-step diagrams - not that you really need them, since this project is very easy. Connor and I constructed this rocket ship in less than 10 minutes. He added stickers for decorations and started playing with his rocket ship immediately! Materials Needed - cardboard tube, construction paper, tape, scissors, stickers, markers

Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Numbers - 13, number review, writing, counting one-to-one matching
Reading Readiness - bottom, low, high
Beginning Sounds - Consonant Review
Colors -blue
Writing Letters - lowercase o


  1. Very good idea. Cute stickers!

  2. I am also a paper towel tube collector, you never know when you'll need one for a craft, or an activity.

    The rocket ship turned out great.

  3. That is cool!

    I am homeschooling my 12 yr old for the first time this year.

    We have a homeschooling page on my blog if you'd like to check it out.

  4. Great project!

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  5. Great activity!

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