Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pom Pom Frog and Rock Frog!

Pom Pom Frog and Rock Frog!
***This is a project that we did back in July of 2009. I was looking at my older posts and I came across this one. The frogs were easy to make, so cute and fun, so I thought I would post this project again. Lauren especially loved her little frogs!

Day 3 of our Week - Our theme this week is Ponds! Our letter of the week is the letter B, and the numbers of the week are 7 and 8 and 0-10.

Project - Pom pom frog. I traced a top from a soup can onto green foam and cut a triangle shape out of it. Then Connor and Lauren glued 1 large green pom pom onto the lily pad with hot glue ( I helped). Then they glued 2 googly eyes onto 2 small green pom poms with hot glue. Then they glued the two pom poms onto the large green pom pom to finish the project! Materials needed - green foam, 1 large green pom pom, 2 small green pom poms, 2 googly eyes, scissors, hot glue or craft glue.
Project - Rock Frog. Connor and Laurent found two smooth rocks by our driveway. They painted their rock green and let dry. Then I drew a frog body onto green foam (2 front legs, and 2 hind legs). After the painted rock was dry, Connor and Lauren used the hot glue gun to glue on googly eyes. (I helped) Then, they glued the rock to the foam from body and the project was done!! Very simple, but fun. They wanted to make more. Materials needed - smooth rock, googly eyes, green craft foam, scissors, green paint, paintbrush, hot glue or craft glue.
Connor and Lauren's completed frogs!
Additional websites for a pond theme unit -

Learning Activities - I have been using the workbook Everything for Early Learning Preschool workbook. (I purchased it at Wal-Mart).

Today's activities

1. The numbers 0-10 - number recognition, fine-motor skills

2. Matching like items - matching and fine-motor skills

3. The letter B, b - recognizing the letter B, b.

4. Shape - Rectangle - recognition.

I always do letter/number reviews and they always write their names.


  1. Oh, those are so cute. Thanks for linking up at Trendy Treehouse!!

  2. These certainly are cute. Your children's faces in the photo are so very sweet.

    I like your craft activities for your Outer Space theme. Making rockets to practice writing your name is such a neat idea.