Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookie Cutter Valentines, A Card for Daddy!

Project - Cookie Cutter Valentines - I saw these in the Family Fun Magazine (issue February 2007) Connor is going to give these to his two preschool teachers for Valentines Day. Directions 1. Connor traced the inside of each cookie cutter and cut the heart shapes out. 2. I wrote "Cut out to be my Valentine" on the center of each heart. 3. I punched a hole in the top corner of each heart and strung red ribbon through the hole and tied it to each cookie cutter heart. These are super easy and cute - I hope his teachers like them! Materials needed - cookie cutter, red ribbon, hole punch, card stock, scissors, pencil, red marker
Project - Card for Daddy - Instead of buying a card for my husband this year (from the kids) we made one - it is simple and it is using up a little of our left overs, but oh well, he won't know! Connor sponge painted a paper heart with pink and purple paint. After it was dry, he glued it onto a piece of card stock that I had folded into a card shape. Then, he stuck on 2 large glitter, foam hearts. These have been used a lot in our Valentines Day projects, but they are really cute and we have a lot of them. In the inside, we wrote, "We Love You, Happy Valentines Day." Materials Needed - card stock, pink and purple hearts, 2 foam hearts, white paper

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