Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Day 2 of the week - The theme this week is Outer Space. The letters of the week are 0, P, p the number of the week is 13.
Project - Moonscape- Today we focused on the moon. We had checked out some "moon" books at the library and have been reading the books the last couple of days. Connor has a good amount of knowledge about the moon now! Our project today is called moonscapes, I saw it on the site http://prekinders.com/spaceunit.htm Directions: take Model Magic and flatten it out. Place it on a paper plate. Use small rocks, and a toothpicks to make "craters" and other indentations in it. Then paint with gray paint. We made our own American Flag and stuck it in the painted moon. Materials Needed - model magic, gray paint, small rocks, toothpick, paper plate, paint brush
Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Numbers - 13, number review, more, counting, one-to-one matching
Reading Readiness - near, far
Beginning Sounds - Vowel Review
Colors -brown
Writing Letters - Uppercase P


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