Monday, May 17, 2010

Painted Turtles!

Connor, Addie and Lauren's Turtles!!
Day 1 of the week - The theme this week is Reptiles!
Project - Painted Turtles - Paint a condiment cup brown and green and then glue the cup to a turtle body cutout. Add googly eyes or draw eyes on. Source - The Mailbox Magazine June/July 2008
Materials Needed - Condiment cups, brown and green paint, paint brushes, glue, green construction paper or foam, googly eyes

Learning Activities
Today's Activities:

Alphabet - writing E an F, beginning sounds
Numbers 1-10- 7 and 8, recognition, counting, following directions
Math Readiness - Same number
Reading Readiness - Shapes - squares
Kindergarten Skills - Making Pairs


  1. That is such a cute project!

  2. Gee- makes a person think that we should hang on to this stuff instead of recycle...well maybe only save a few things:)
    Cute turtles!

  3. I was showing something to my 5th grade today off from my blog and they saw the turtles. They all said, "Awwwwwe, that's so cute". I agree:)

  4. Those turtles are to cute. I bet I could even use egg carton cups. Thanks for the idea!