Monday, May 10, 2010

Fingerpainting Clouds!

Day 1 of our week. The theme this week is Books.
Project/Learning Activity - Fingerpainting Clouds - We talked about how we sometimes see shapes in the clouds, and they shared different shapes they had seen. I then introduced our book by saying that it is about a little cloud that turns into different shapes. I read Little Cloud by Eric Carle out loud to Connor and Lauren. After the reading, we reviewed the different shapes that the little cloud made during the story. Project - I showed the illustrations in the book to Connor and Lauren again and prompted them to notice how they appeared to be fingerpainted. I then, place a dollop of white fingerpaint on a piece of light-blue paper. Connor, Lauren and Addie spread his/her paint around to make individual cloud shapes. Then, Connor and Lauren described their cloud shape and wrote it down on after the writing prompt on the blue paper. Source - The Mailbox Magazine June/July 2008 Materials Needed - Little Cloud by Eric Carle, white paint, blue paper, marker.
Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Alphabet - writing, A, and B, beginning A and B sounds
Numbers - 1, 2, 3, recognition, following directions
Math Readiness - writing numbers, counting, following directions, recognition
Reading Readiness - smaller
Writing - journal writing

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  1. A monster, old lady (?), and an ape!?!? Haha, those are some creative cloud makers :)