Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Lilacs!

Day 3 of the week. The theme this week is Painting.
Project - Lovely Lilacs - Use purple and lavender colored paint. Dip the eraser of a pencil into the paint and then press it on a white piece of paper. Repeat the process until the paper is filled with purple prints. When the paint is dry, trim the paper into several lilac-shaped cutouts. Then glue the lilacs on a green piece of construction paper cut into a bush shape. (Source: The Mailbox Magazine April/May 2009)
Materials Needed - purple paint, pencil, white paper, green construction paper, scissors, glue stick.

Learning Activities
Today's Activities:
Alphabet: J, writing, beginning sound
Numbers 1-10: 10, counting, number recognition
Math Readiness: more or fewer
Reading Readiness: What belongs together
Transition Math: Counting and writing numbers 5-10
Kindergarten Skills: logical reasoning; what comes next

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