Monday, May 24, 2010

Hidden Colors!

Day 1 of the week - The theme this week is Painting Fun!
Project - Hidden Colors. Connor colored a piece of white card stock with bright-colored crayons. Then he painted over the colors with black paint, using long vertical strokes. While the paint was wet, he used a craft stick to draw a picture in the paint. He decided to draw a house, tree and sun! Materials Needed - white card stock, crayons, paint brush, black paint, craft stick.
Today's Activities
Learning Activities:
Numbers 1-10: 10, counting, following directions
Math Readiness: one less
Reading Readiness: Same and Different
Transition Math: Counting and Matching, 6-10
Kindergarten Skills: The seasons


  1. Oh cute... I love how simple the drawing is. Must be his dream house. Does it have a big yard?

  2. Is that what he thinks the Phillips house is going to look like :)

  3. I think it does have a big yard - and this is what the Phillips house looks like!

  4. Kyrstin,

    This picture turned out better than the black paper I bought from a school supply store that was "supposedly" ready to be scratched. The paper was so thin, it was difficult for the children to maneuver. I like your son's picture much better!!!!