Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shamrock stamping!

Project - Shamrock Stamping - This is a project from 3 years ago. Connor was only 2 when we did this - he will be 5 next week!!!!! Directions - Dip a shamrock cookie cutter into green paint and press onto white construction paper. Mount dried paper onto larger green construction paper! I remember Connor and Lauren making a mess with this project, but also having a lot of fun dipping the shamrock cookie cutter into the green paint!
Materials Needed- white and green construction paper, green paint, shamrock cookie cutter


  1. My girls would love to do that! The simplest things bring such great joy! :)

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    Happy Follow Friday!


  3. Kyr, This would be cute framed! You could hang it up each year for St. Patrick's Day decor:)

  4. What great ideas you have for ST.Paty day! Following you from Follow Friday!