Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hand Print Chick!

Day 3 of the week - The theme this week is Easter. The letters of the week are A, a, K.
Project - Hand print Chick- I saw this project on the website I printed off the templates and traced the oval shape onto yellow construction paper and the legs and beak onto orange construction paper. Then, I traced Connor and Lauren's hands onto yellow construction paper and cut the hands out. Connor and Lauren cut the oval body shape, legs and beak and glued the legs onto the yellow oval body. Then, they folded the beak in half and glued one half of it onto the yellow oval, so the other half was left sticking up. They added googly eyes and I helped them attach their hand prints to the body with brad fasteners. I am going to have them write Happy Easter on the bottom part of the chick too. *I forgot to have them do this* Materials Needed - scissors, googly eyes, yellow and orange construction paper, brad fasteners.
Learning Activities
Today's Activities:

Numbers - counting, recognition, writing, greater and less
Pre-Reading Skills - reasoning
Beginning Sounds - writing beginning consonant sounds, recognition
Colors -color review
Writing Letters -Uppercase K


  1. These chicks are actually pretty comical. I like them a lot!

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