Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shamrock Beaded Necklace!

Day 2 of the week - The theme this week is St. Patrick's Day. The letters of the week are s, U, u the number of the week is 15.
Project - Shamrock Beaded Necklace- Directions - Cut green ribbon large enough to slip on and off child's neck. String green and white beads onto green ribbon (I had Connor and Lauren make a pattern), Cut a small shamrock pattern out of green craft foam, once you are halfway punch two holes in the side leaves of the shamrock and thread ribbon through the holes, finish stringing the last half of the beads onto the ribbon, Tie a knot to make a necklace. *Connor made a necklace, but he refused to wear it! He is such a boy!!!! Addie is modeling his necklace in the picture along with Lauren. I saw a variation of this craft at http://www.prekinders.com under the St. Patrick's Day Theme. Materials Needed - green ribbon, green and white beads, green foam, scissors, hole punch
Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Numbers - 15, 11, 12, counting, recognition
Pre-Reading Skills - cause and effect
Beginning Sounds - Consonant Review, writing beginning consonant sounds
Colors -color review
Writing Letters -Uppercase U


  1. Beads?? Fun!!! Thanks for having me over yesterday, I had fun playing with them :) BTW, I LOVE your new background...haha ;)

  2. Making your own themed necklaces sounds like lots of fun - I like how you incorporated some patterning into it too.

  3. What a neat project!! Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm a new follower from FFF MBC. Love your blog!! Can't wait to read more. Come by and visit me sometime too if you want:


  4. How fun!! This a great blog. I found you via FF. I love the concept ofyour blog!!!

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  5. Hi Kyrstin! I found you through FFF on MBC. This all reminds me so much of my 4 year old. Every day starts with, "Mommy, what special thing are we going to do today?"


  6. great craft!! Stop and say hi! I look forward to seeing other crafty things you will be making with your kids!