Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Projects!

Here are some Easter Crafts from last year. I thought I would repost them - enjoy!
Heart Shaped Easter Bunny

Project - Heart Shape Easter Bunny. I found this Easter craft on the website I printed the templates for the bunny in black and white and traced them onto colored construction paper. I cut out the pieces for Connor and Lauren. They assembled the bunny themselves. I used googly eyes for Lauren's bunny and I drew the eyes for Connor's bunny :) I made the whiskers out of thin strips of black paper. Below are the suggested steps for assembling the bunny.
1. Glue inner ears to ears. 2. Glue assembled ears to head. 3. Glue eyes as one piece 4. Glue tongue heart 5. Glue heart "cheeks" over tongue 6. Glue nose heart over "cheeks"
Materials needed - white construction paper, pink construction paper, tan or beige construction paper, googly eyes, glue, black construction paper, or pipe cleaners . . . for whiskers, scissors, templates from above website.

Handprint Cotton Ball Sheep
Project - Handprint Cotton Ball Sheep. I found this craft on the website First, Connor and Lauren pressed their hands in black paint and pressed them on a piece of cardstock. Then, I printed the sheep template off of the above website. Connor and Lauren colored the face of the sheep with markers. Then they glued cotton balls onto the sheep body. After the handprint paint dried Connor and Lauren glued the sheep body on the palm of the handprint.
Materials needed -cardstock, sheep template, cotton balls, markers, black paint and glue.

Handprint Bunny Poem!
. m Project - Handprint Bunny poem. I am not sure where I found this idea, but I had the poem filed away in my craft folder. I typed the poem on the computer and printed it out. Connor and Lauren then pressed their hand into paint - I used a pastel green - Then they signed their name. After the paint dried, I drew bunny faces and ears on each finger. This craft makes great Easter cards, or presents for Grandparents. Materials needed - paint, fine-tip markers, poem, paper.
Here is the poem:
Five little Easter bunnies sitting in a row;
They are made of my very own fingerprints, you know.
Five little Easter bunnies are hopping to say,
Love and kisses from me on this happy Easter day.

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