Monday, March 15, 2010

Hand print Rooster Puppet

Day 1 of the week. Our Theme this week is The Farm! This weeks posts are re posts from last year. You can check out all of the Farm unit projects/learning activities under the Farm label! The Farm post was only my second post and I was still playing with what kind of format/style I wanted to use, so I just made one large post for two weeks worth of crafts/learning activities. This is why I thought I would redo the farm crafts in separate posts this week.
Project Hand print Rooster Puppet - I found the idea for this project on the website under the animal link and then the bird link. This site even provides templates for you to print, but it is an easy project to do without a template. Materials needed: white card stock or paper, red paper, yellow paper, large Popsicle sticks, glue and googly eyes.
Directions:I traced Connor and Lauren's hands on red card stock (for the wattle and crest) and cut them out. I cut out two small triangles for the beak on yellow card stock. (The template provides the triangle and circle) I cut out the circle head on white card stock. Connor and Lauren glued one of their hand prints on the top of the circular head and the other on the bottom of the head. Then they glued the yellow triangles on the side of the head and finished it off by gluing on a googly eye. Finally, I helped them glue their rooster head to the large Popsicle stick. They had fun doing puppet shows with their rooster.


  1. Oh I love those! I am definitely bookmarking this!

  2. I miss the days of art and crafts with my kids - now their art is too complex for me - they are so much better than I.

    Love to you