Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Plate Pig

Day 2 of the week. Our Theme this week is The Farm! This weeks posts are re posts from last year. You can check out all of the Farm unit projects/learning activities under the Farm label! The Farm post was only my second post and I was still playing with what kind of format/style I wanted to use, so I just made one large post for two weeks worth of crafts/learning activities. This is why I thought I would redo the farm crafts in separate posts this week.

Project Paper Plate Pig - Connor and Lauren loved this project. Materials needed: 2 paper plates (1 large- for the body, 1 small-for the head (or cut one of the plates smaller), light pink construction paper or card stock -for the nose and ears, pink paint Black permanent marker, pink pipe cleaner.
Directions:Connor and Lauren painted both the regular and small paper plates pink. When the paint was dry they glued the small plate in the middle of the larger plate. I cut out a small pink circle out of paper along with triangle ears. They then glued the small pink paper circle for the nose to the middle of the small plate. They added eyes, nostrils and a mouth with a black marker. Finally, they glued on pink paper triangles for the ears. I curled the pink pipe cleaner for the tail and punched a hole in the top of the larger paper plate to thread the tail through. I let the kids choose where they wanted the tail to go!! I got the idea for this project from the website http://www.pre-kpages.com/farm.html under the farm theme link.


  1. aww these are cute!! I think we are doing a pig study next school year, I'll keep this craft in mind. I love that it's simple enough for my "little" ones to be able to do it on their own.

  2. What a fun blog! I'm a new follower!
    Stop by anytime and say hi! :)

  3. I love your farm projects this week. I love doing crafts with my little boy and it's always fun getting new ideas and I'm totally planning on "stealing" some of your's LOL! The pig faces are awesome!

  4. Very cute. Paper plates are a must for any craft cupboard!

    I like learning about different ways to incorporate hand prints into craft activities. Your hand print roosters are delightful.