Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bean Farm Scene

Day 3 of the week. Our Theme this week is The Farm! This weeks posts are re posts from last year. You can check out all of the Farm unit projects/learning activities under the Farm label! The Farm post was only my second post and I was still playing with what kind of format/style I wanted to use, so I just made one large post for two weeks worth of crafts/learning activities. This is why I thought I would redo the farm crafts in separate posts this week.
Project- Bean Farm Scene- Connor and Lauren drew a farm scene on a piece of cardstock. Then I traced over their drawings with White Elmers glue and they placed beans on the glue. The beans outlined their drawings. They loved drawing their pictures and watching them "pop" with the beans. Materials needed- cardstock or heavy construction paper, markers, Elmers glue or craft glue, beans or seeds.

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