Monday, August 3, 2009

Magazine Letters Name Room Sign!

Day 1 of our week. The theme this week is Our Names! The letter of the week is F, f and the number of the week is 4.

Magazine Letters Name Room Sign
Project - I found the idea for this project on the blog I thought this week would be a great week to really focus on Connor and Lauren's names. They have been writing their names for 7-8 months now and they know all of their upper and lower case letters, so a names theme is just perfect. First I had wrote Connor's Room and Lauren's Room on a sheet of green paper. Then, Connor and Lauren looked through magazines to find the appropriate letters. I helped them cut out the letters. They placed each letter over the letters I wrote on their paper. Next, they glued the cut-out magazine letters to the green paper. Then, I cut each letter out into a rectangular or square shape. Finally, Connor and Lauren took the finished letters and glued them onto a blue/pink piece of paper to form the words, Connor's Room/Lauren's Room. At the end, I traced around the block letters with permanent black marker to create a border. Now they both have a sign for their bedroom door! Materials Needed - magazines, scissors, glue stick, 2 different colors of construction paper, black permanent marker.

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