Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stamping Bug book fun and the color green!

Day 2 of our week -- Our theme this week is bugs and the color of the week is green.

Activity 1- Connor and Lauren practiced writing the letter d and the word lid. We used the worksheet Printing Practice- worksheet 3 from the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/

Activity 2- I made the worksheet for the 2nd activity. It was a math worksheet that asked Connor and Lauren to connect the correct number witht the matching number of frogs. This activity addressed one-to-one correspondence while counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills of drawing a straight line from the frogs to the numbers.

Activity 3- I made a beginning sounds worksheet. Connor and Lauren had to circle the correct beginning sound for the frog, snake and leaf (green items!)

Project - The project today was a bug counting book. I found the basis of this idea off of the website www.prekinders.com/themes.htm under the bug theme link. The title of the book was Bug Counting Book. Connor and Lauren used a bug stamp to decorate the front of their books. Then they used the stamp to stamp bugs on the pages of the book according to the number. The first page said,"1 bug", 2nd page said, "2 bugs," and so on. They are able to recognize the numbers 1-10, so they did a great job. (This activity emphasized number recognition and counting skills.)

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