Monday, May 18, 2009

Green, Bugs and more!

Day 1 of our week -- Our theme this week is bugs and the color of the week is green.
We did some bug rhymes that I got off of the website under the bug theme. This website has wonderful theme ideas.
Activity 1 - Connor and Lauren worked on writing the letters l, i, and p and the word lip. We used the worksheet Printing Practice - worksheet 3 from the website
Activity 2 - The 2nd activity also comes from the website (The Color Green worksheet) Connor and Lauren colored the frog green and then traced the word green 3 times. They are really good at tracing letters and they like to trace.
Activity 3 - I made a worksheet for the third activity. It is a cut and paste math activity. The worksheet has two lily pads on it with different numbers under the lily pads. At the bottom of the page are frogs. The directions are to cut and paste the correct number of frogs on the lily pads according to the number below the lily pad. Finally the worksheet asks how many frogs are there in all on the lily pads. This activity addresses, cutting, pasting (fine motor skills) counting, math skills and following directions.

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